Security VAS for Mobile

Gain customer trust by assuring personal privacy and security

Generate revenue and increase brand loyalty by protecting your users and their families

Protect your users from online threats, including ransomware and phishing attacks, and shield their families from inappropriate content. Allot enables you to deliver secure data services and presents you with opportunities to generate revenue from personal security services. The commercial success experienced by numerous service providers who have benefited from the Allot Secure platform stems from its capability to turn on the service for millions of customers simultaneously facilitating mass try-and-buy campaigns, its frictionless onboarding with nothing to install and its built-in customer engagement tools that establish service awareness and value for your customers.


Giving network users valuable peace of mind

Consumer security awareness and concerns are growing with every headline describing a new type of malware or victim’s story. Cybercrime has become big business, employing automation to increase the monetization of their nefarious activities. On the other hand, the unskilled consumer is left exposed with neither the time nor the inclination to deal with the complexities of security and point security products, they want someone else to do it for them and they are ready to pay. This is an opportunity for CSPs to step up and provide a valuable service that will be mutually beneficial by offering subscribers security as a service (SECaaS). This approach enables operators to safeguard users on whatever handset and whichever way they access the network: WiFi or mobile. The peace of mind this brings makes personal security a strong value-added service for operators to offer and to monetize.


Comprehensive. Personalized. Scalable

Allot’s solution is simple and economical to implement. Customers enjoy uniform setup options for comprehensive protection of different types of devices, hassle-free maintenance and comprehensive security on the mobile network and WiFi. The latter is achieved through integration of endpoint security and network based security into one seamless unified security service. The service can be tailored to users’ needs, for example enabling child-safe browsing by allowing parents to determine the content that their children can access, as well as the time they spend online. Accurate web filtering techniques identify, classify, and control access in real-time according to individual user profiles. Allot provides industry-leading response time to new malware outbreaks, spam and phishing attempts. And it allows flexible customization of detection and protection levels, user notification and reports, enabling you to analyze and refine data plans accordingly. This flexibility extends to our solution’s scope, which is scalable to support to millions of users.

Network-based Security Services for Mobile Customers

Introduction to Allot’s network-based security that protects and engages your customers and is fully aligned to mobile operators’ core business.

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A unique go-to-market for mass market Security as a Service.

Protecting your Customers Online

Allot helps you roll out Internet security services that keep your customers safe online and satisfied with your service.

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Gain customer trust by assuring personal privacy and security

Allot Secure

A security service delivery platform designed for CSPs that centrally manages and unifies multilayer, multivendor security

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