Cyber Marketing Services

We are committed to the commercial success of your cybersecurity protection offering for the mass market and provide support and consultation every step of the way. Our experience deploying cybersecurity projects with tier-1 and other CSPs around the world takes the guesswork out of launching Allot Secure and building a highly profitable revenue stream. Or expertise is at your disposal to help develop the business case, evaluate commercial models and marketing channels, define technical requirements, develop a communication strategy and more. We offer insightful BI, best practices and experience engaging customers across multiple touchpoints.

Choose the best Go-To-Market Strategy

The right commercialization model relies on many factors, including:

  • Who is your target audience? Consumers? Premium customers? SMBs? Enterprises?
  • What is the target penetration rate?
  • Will you offer complementary products such as; content filtering, endpoint security, or other security products?

Our Cyber Marketing consultants share relevant data, case studies and best practices to help you make educated and data-driven decisions. Together, we can plan, deploy, and execute the optimal Go-To-Market strategy to achieve penetration targets for each customer segment.

Achieve High Adoption Rates

The market is thirsty for cybersecurity protection and trusts their CSP to provide it. Recent studies show that 2 out of 3 people in the EU are concerned about threats such as identity theft, malware and other online fraud and that most people prefer to purchase security solutions as a service from their provider [Download Telco Security Trends Report]. This means CSPs who fail to provide cybersecurity services to their customer base are forfeiting considerable revenue, possibly to their competitors. Now is the perfect time to partner with Allot to build a robust new revenue stream and strengthen customer loyalty. Cybersecurity Marketing Services will help you craft a Go-To-Market strategy to achieve high adoption rates. We will work together to ensure you are optimizing every engagement opportunity along the customer journey to gain new subscribers and upsell or cross-sell existing customers. Learn from our experience working with Tier-1 CSPs to achieve penetration rates of up to 50% and 5-10% increase in ARPU.

Keep Customers Engaged and Happy

As a communication service provider, you know best about how to launch new products and acquire customers in your target audience. You also know the importance of perceived value to keep them engaged. Together we will carefully plan your customer journey by focusing on maximizing value at every touchpoint. When it comes to a cybersecurity service, keeping your customers ahead of emerging threats and educating them about potential risks is a great place to start. Provide your customers with online real-time protection supported by personal threat reports and statistics integrated in your app. This increases awareness and perceived value which in turn can lead to choose to upgrade to higher level of security or to share with friends and colleagues. So, consider launching complementary services such as; parental control, smart home protection or end-point security to enable your customers to protect their family members and business associates on the mobile network, home/business network or on public Wi-Fi.

Allot Cybersecurity Marketing Experts

You are in good hands with our team of Cyber Marketing Consultants. We bring extensive experience implementing cybersecurity projects in Tier-1 telecommunication companies worldwide. Cybersecurity services based on Allot Secure solutions are currently used by more than 23 million subscribers. The Allot Cyber Marketing Consultants will work side-by-side with your marketing team, from planning to monetization, to bring your organization cybersecurity offerings that you can deliver to your customers. Cybersecurity Marketing Services include:

  • Case studies
  • Best practices for commercialization
  • Customer journey design
  • Go-to-Market strategy
  • Value proposition definition
  • Communication Plan
  • Monetization and monitoring
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Multinational Telco Creates Over €160 Million In Revenue by Protecting Mobile Users with Allot Network-based Security

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