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“...already €160 million in revenue... we have been building quietly and we will leverage on.”

CEO, Tier-1 European customer


  • New ways to generate revenue
  • Maintaining lead in the industry
  • Differentiation


Network-based security solution to postpaid mobile subscribers, which included specialized features to enable localization including simple opt-in, various promotional schemes tailored to specific geographies, and competitive pricing.


  • Effortless, inexpensive cybersecurity for subscribers
  • New, supplemental revenue
  • Customer satisfaction/loyalty
  • Increased engagement with customers
  • Fast add-on adoption
  • Very high conversion rates

Multinational Telco Creates New Revenue by Protecting Mobile Users with Allot Network-based Security


About the Company

The customer is an internationally known, publicly traded, multinational Tier 1 telecommunications company.

Our business with them is predominantly in Europe and includes Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and other countries.

The company has many millions of subscribers and is ranked in the top 5 based on the number of mobile customers doing business with them.


The Challenges

The company continually seeks new ways to generate revenue by offering new services that increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and average revenue per user (ARPU).

The company also seeks ways to distinguish itself from the competition, to maintain it’s lead by differentiating its offering to customers.


The Solution

Launched in 2017, the solution provides protection to millions of mobile subscribers in a variety of European countries.

Customers are protected against emerging cyber-security threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware, and cryptojacking.

It’s powered by NetworkSecure, part of the Allot Secure product suite, which is the market leader in the growing network-based, mass-market cybersecurity category, The service is offered as an add-on feature to prepaid and postpaid smartphones and data customers, with some plans generating €1-2 per month per user depending on country and tariff plan offerings.

Value is communicated to customers who receive notifications about intercepted threats. Some markets see an expandable icon, with the option to display statistics and see more information at the product portal. Each month, customers receive a protection summary and relevant security tips.


The Benefits

Thanks to this advanced service, this company is able to play an active role in protecting its users from malicious software, sites, and applications.

Through their network-based Security as a Service offering, powered by Allot, they are able to identify and block access to sites and apps at risk of being a source for cryptojacking, ransomware, private data retrieval, and a wide range of other cyberthreats.

The compelling advantage of a network-based service, such as the one they’re offering, is that every-day internet users don’t need to become experts on all the latest methods that cybercriminals are developing to invade our privacy, extort money, or simply disrupt our lives. The service provider’s network-based security service handles that, no matter what device is used. Customers get peace of mind, thanks to the telecom company.

The Security as a Service solution was easily and quickly integrated into the service provider network, providing a seamless experience for users.

Meanwhile, as it helps to protect customers from a wide range of cyberthreats, the clientless, network-based security platform increases ARPU and customer loyalty for the telecommunications company.

Coupled with Allot’s consumer marketing suite, the GDPRcompliant solution has been proven to achieve high penetration in the market.


Summary of Main Benefits:

  • Increased engagement with customers
  • Smooth deployment
  • Fast add-on adoption
  • Very high conversion rates in the market
  • Increased brand equity by protecting mobile users with a secure and trusted service
  • Additional ARPU/MRR: consumers pay a monthly premium for the cybersecurity service

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