Smart Data Source

Turning Big Data into Usable Data

Providing a Breakthrough Data Source for Telecom Network Analytics

A breakthrough solution, allowing digital lifestyle providers to capture a rich variety of application, subscriber, device and Quality of Experience data from their own networks, and turn that source data into the valuable business intelligence they need to drive subscriber satisfaction and service profitability.


The Source of Telco Business Intelligence

Allot Smart Data Source is a key tool for collating user data in an easily understood way that informs decisions that can help you grow your network business. It collects raw data in real time from the network, from operator business systems and from data plane elements in the network, including Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer platforms, as well as control plane elements, including Allot Subscriber Management Platform. It loads the data into a cutting-edge data warehouse where it is filtered, aggregated and joined into smart data sets that are relevant to the use cases you want to analyze and are easy to understand and work with. This valuable source data can then be exported to external analytics tools and other business applications. The system is built to handle large volumes and variety of data coming in at very high velocities.


Making Business Intelligence Work for You and Your Customers

With Allot Smart Data Source you can extract and leverage real time granular usage data from your own network so you can make data-driven business decisions that create new opportunities for customer engagement and revenue generation based on the individual needs, preferences and lifecycle journey of each customer.AllotSmart Data Source enables you to make more informed business decisions regarding a range of important considerations for targeting, marketing and growing your revenue, such as:


  • Microsegmentation
  • Contextual mobile marketing and advertising
  • Customer onboarding
  • Real-time upselling
  • Revenue-sharing with OTT providers
  • Data bundling and brokering
  • Monetization of digital services
  • Virtually unlimited opportunities for digital service monetization


Allot Smart Data Source

Solution Brief
Allot Smart Data Source

When you export Allot's enriched data records to external BI and big data systems, you can gain better insight.

Network Analytics by Allot

Enabling you to make the right decisions regarding network planning and optimization, service differentiation, and more.