Real time Network Monitoring and Metrics

Precise visibility of all network traffic, applications and bandwidth consumption

Know exactly what’s affecting network performance, to ensure the best Quality of Service

Are your users always satisfied with the speed and responsiveness of your network and services? Or is their Quality of Experience sometimes compromised? Identifying and troubleshooting problems is fast and easy with Allot Real time Network Monitoring and Metrics.


Know your network

With increasing numbers of users, applications and devices, the performance of your network and services is under growing pressure. If heavy network traffic slows speed and efficiency of service, and if applications don’t perform as expected, you can suffer from low user satisfaction, slow adoption, and inability to operate efficiently, particularly if critical applications and functions are detrimentally affected. So, it’s imperative to know what’s consuming your bandwidth and how to enhance your troubleshooting capabilities in order to maximize network efficiency. Allot’s Network Monitoring and Metrics solution enables you to monitor application and network performance in real time, providing accurate application visibility of all the activity on your network so you can troubleshoot problems faster and take the right steps to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Allot is your ally in assuring excellent Quality of Experience for your users.


Focus on what matters

Our extensive DART signature library and practically unlimited policy elements let you monitor and measure application performance and user Quality of Experience with very fine granularity, so you can quickly zero in on network problems and troubleshoot faster.


  • Monitor Layer-7 application performance in real-time
  • Monitor SSL encrypted traffic
  • Track KPIs for user and endpoint Quality of Experience in real-time
  • Identify shadow IT and anonymity apps competing for network resources
  • Pinpoint root causes of LAN, WAN, Internet congestion
  • Identify potential problems before they occur


Self-refreshing performance metrics paint a real-time picture of network activity every few seconds, while interactive dashboards make it easy to peruse the data and drill down to investigate specific apps, users, endpoints, locations, and links.


Allot Real time Network Monitoring and Metrics

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