Differentiate Your Service and Drive New Revenue

For broadband service providers, it’s all about providing differentiated consumer and enterprise cloud services that consistently deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) that each customer expects. For enterprises, it’s all about aligning application performance to business needs and increasing employee productivity. Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) helps service providers and enterprises achieve these goals for any access network and any user. By leveraging Allot SMP’s application-aware, user-aware, and network-aware service tiering, policy control, and real-time charging, service providers and enterprises alike are able to differentiate their service offering and drive the user experience.

Creating more profitable service plans

Allot SMP makes it easy to deploy differentiated service plans or define cloud tenant SLAs, as well as accurately monitor and meter the consumption of network and cloud services per user, per service plan or SLA. Real-time and long-term reporting provides granular visibility, including applications and devices in use, websites visited, and volumes of traffic generated. This enables CSPs to analyze user behavior and direct resources toward more profitable revenue plans. Likewise, enterprises can use granular visibility to govern application performance and enforce SLAs according to business priorities.

Allot SMP offers a range of benefits

Operating seamlessly with Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer platforms, Allot SMP enables you to:

  • Understand how users, applications and devices are consuming your network
  • Improve customer satisfaction through tiered and quota service plans that fit personal usage patterns
  • Improve employee productivity by aligning application performance with the disparate and dynamic needs of each user
  • Deploy application-based charging plans to increase ARPU and offset network CAPEX
  • Manage mobile cell congestion and subscriber QoE in the cell
  • Manage CMTS congestion and subscriber QoE per channel and/or bonding group
  • Enforce service plans, QoS policies and charging schemes across all access networks

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Monitors and meters per-user consumption over multiple concurrent access types through seamless integration with RADIUS, DHCP and Active Directory systems. Allot SMP supports both IPv4, IPv6, and hybrid networks and can correlate multiple IP addresses per user, as needed.

Application-aware policy control and charging

Through standard 3GPP interfaces, Allot SMP operates in mobile and converged broadband networks as an intelligent Policy Control and Enforcement Function (PCEF) and/or Traffic Detection Function (TDF), communicating seamlessly with operator Policy and Charging Rule Function (PCRF) and Online and Offline Charging Systems (OCS/OFCS).

Turnkey service tiering and quota management

Allot SMP provides a standalone Policy Control and Enforcement solution with a rich service creation framework that facilitates the rapid deployment of tiered service plans based on personal Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, usage quotas, and overage policies that enforce how each subscriber’s traffic is treated. In this configuration, we also support other interfaces for integrating to OSS/BSS functions that are not based on 3GPP.

Cloud SLA management

Allot SMP provides a central vantage point for allocating dedicated Internet and WAN resources to enterprise users and applications, enabling you to tailor application performance to the disparate and dynamic needs of each user or cloud tenant.

Insightful reporting

Subscriber monitoring reports are fully integrated in the reporting dashboard of the Allot NetXplorer management system, helping you to:

  • Identify top applications and top users
  • Analyze individual usage patterns
  • Create user profiles based on usage patterns
  • Differentiate service offerings based on individual and group usage preferences
  • Evaluate the performance of tiered and quota service plans
  • Ensure QoE for users in congested cells or on congested CMTS elements
  • Troubleshoot customer problems quickly
 Standard SMP ServerHigh-Availability SMP Server
Capacity* (May vary depending on specific use case and/or network configuration.) 
Max RADIUS messages/second5000 per SMP node
Max DHCP messages/second1000 per SMP node
Max RADIUS messages/second with Diameter Gx interface with session-based volume reporting to PCRF5000 per SMP node
Max active subscribers/SMP node5 Million
Health Monitoring
Provides real-time status on demand for:Utilization: CPU, memoryRADUIS/DHCP message updates per secondNumber of registered subscribersNumber of active IP sessionsSubscriber status (service plan, quota balance, active/inactive)
3GPPDiameter Sd, Gx and Gy, and File-based Gz
AAARADIUS, DHCP, Active Directory
ManagementSNMP, CLI
Mechanical and Environmental
SizeStandard 1U in 19? rackStandard 4U in 19” rack
Power SupplyACAC
* Capacity values are based on Allot SMP performance with Allot Service Gateway Sigma/Sigma E, version AOS13.3 and above; and on Allot SMP 3rd-generation hardware.

Application-based Charging Leverage Allot’s user-application awareness to rapidly roll out unique service plans based on the latest and most popular applications so you can:

  • Increase ARPU
  • Enhance customer choice and increase loyalty
  • Differentiate your service offering


OTT Premium Content

Get a share of Internet pay-to-play content by leveraging the unique ability to provide single management, local support, single bill, single sign-on, QoE control and OTT usage reporting. This will:

  • Differentiate your offering to high-end customers
  • Expand revenue-share business
  • Increase ARPU


Real-time SLA Enforcement

Behind the scenes at public, private, and hybrid cloud data centers, application-aware visibility, policy control and traffic management enable the monitoring of usage and enforcement of committed data rates for customer applications. This enables you to:

  • Accommodate a wide range of cloud-user workloads
  • Align application QoS with business needs and assure performance
  • Avoid SLA deviations and associated penalties


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