Bird’s Eye View of Your Network

As the scalable management system for our devices, platforms, and value added services, Allot NetXplorer gives you a central vantage point for network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting. Its intuitive graphical interface paints a consolidated picture of application, user, device, and network topology traffic with easy drill-down to reveal the most granular network transactions and activities.

Providing the power to see and act

Allot NetXplorer supplies the network business intelligence essential for IP service optimization. It helps you understand how your bandwidth resources are being consumed by applications and users on the network, and defines traffic management policies that link service and performance parameters to your business goals and user expectations. With a full complement of real-time and long-term reporting capabilities, Allot NetXplorer provides unsurpassed visibility and control of your carrier, cloud or enterprise network. The fully distributed design of Allot NetXplorer is suitable for traditional and virtualized network environments, allowing the system to scale upward by adding functional elements at the appropriate architectural layers, while maintaining overall management from a central server.

With Allot NetXplorer centralized management you can:

  • Gain granular and accurate visibility of application and user activities on the network
  • Align traffic management policies to your business needs
  • Customize traffic reports to the needs of each stakeholder
  • Reduce operating costs through centralized management, configuration, and upgrades.
  • Identify and troubleshoot network problems before they affect performance
  • Reduce help desk calls

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End-to-end visibility

Generates real-time and long-term monitoring reports that enable you to make fully-informed decisions and implement effective traffic management policies to govern application delivery and Quality of Service (QoS).

Actionable information

Provides real-time monitoring reports and alarms that facilitate fast diagnosis and resolution of network problems, as well as historical traffic statistics that assist in the planning of network capacity and the analysis of usage trends.

Accessible information

Arranges multiple reports on a single-screen dashboard for efficient viewing, navigation and drill down. Any report can be exported in a variety of formats and automatically sent to stakeholders at prescheduled times.

Powerful policy control

Builds dynamic traffic management, traffic steering, and charging policies easily using reusable service catalogs and a flexible policy editor.

One management umbrella

Offers a central vantage point for network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting, enabling management of elements and services dispersed throughout your network, and allowing concurrent, authorized access to multiple network managers.

Allot NetXplorer software and hardware servers may be purchased in non-redundant and high-availability configurations.  
NetXplorer Server: Non-Redundant PlatformNetXplorer Server: High Availability Platform
Max Number of Concurrent Clients15 per NetXplorer server
Max Number of Concurrent Graphs20 per NetXplorer client
Max Number of Registered Administrator Accounts1000 per NetXplorer server (30 active administrators)
Operating SystemCentOS Linux 64 bit x 86
High Availability SchemeRAID 10
Health Monitoring
Provides Real-time Status on Demand for:Utilization: CPU, memoryNumber of registered subscribersEnabled alarms, KPIs on AOS and SMP
ManagementSNMP, CLI
File-based Accounting RecordsSupports NetAccounting CDRs (requires a separate license)
Dimensions and Power
SizeStandard 1U in 19” rack4U in 19” rack
Power SupplyACAC
Hardware Specifications
When using non-redundant management platforms, Allot NetXplorer software may be purchased and installed on operator equipment that meets the following minimum requirements. The minimum configuration supports a limited number of Allot NetEnforcer and Allot Data Collector devices. Individual sizing requirements should be verified with an Allot representative.
Minimum Specifications for Allot NetXplorer Server Platform 
HardwareSimilar to Intel Xeon, 4 core 2.0 GHz, 6 Cores recommended6 GB RAM minimum; 16  GB RAM recommendedRAID (0 or 10) controller with 512 MB cacheHDD: 10,000 RPM, 1.5 GB storage space (capacity depends on overall storage requirements and may require sizing adjustments)
Supported Operating Systems CentOS Linux 5.8 64-bit x 86 (English only),Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8, 64-bit x 86 (English only)MS Windows Server 2008 SP2 Standard and Enterprise editions 64 bit(recommended if using Windows)orMS Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise Editions 64 bit.
Additionally, the software may be installed on a virtual machine.
For more information, please refer to ATN 1431 vNMS Installation Guide.

Congestion Avoidance

Gain accurate and meaningful insight regarding congestion episodes on the network – why they occur and their effect on network performance – so you can:

  • Pinpoint the root causes of network congestion
  • Identify usage trends to better predict and avoid congestion
  • Establish effective traffic management policies to alleviate congestion and maintain QoE

Network Capacity Planning

Understand how your network resources are consumed in real time and over time, so you can:

  • Identify oversubscribed and underperforming resources
  • Troubleshoot and plan more effectively
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX with more accurate capacity planning

Business Application Prioritization

Understand the factors that affect application performance on your network and to automatically trigger prioritized delivery and expedited forwarding based on utilization thresholds, so you can:

  • Ensure availability and response-time of critical applications
  • Enhance user productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce help desk calls

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