Unified Management of Allot Service Gateways

Unified Network Management of Allot Service Gateways

Unified Management of Allot Service Gateways

Needs & Challenges

To get the most out of your network, Allot Service Gateways deliver unparalleled visibility and control of network traffic. To reduce operating costs and complexity, Allot Unified Management provides centralized, “single pane of glass”, management, configuration, and upgrades of your deployed Service Gateways.


Centralized NMS
Centralized NMS
Powerful tools for policy creation, traffic/subscriber/service plan management, and platform and software configuration and maintenance.
Scales up and out to manage multi-site, distributed deployments.
Built-in real-time and historical traffic reports support troubleshooting and planning.


Powerful Policy Controls

A powerful framework for defining specific traffic conditions and QoS enforcement actions according to high-level, easy-to-understand concepts. Enforcement policies may include any combination of access, priority, bandwidth allocation, traffic shaping, traffic steering, and quota actions to be taken on application and subscriber traffic.

Scalable System Architecture

The fully distributed design allows the system to scale upward by adding functional elements at the appropriate architectural layers, while maintaining overall management from a central server.

Tiered Service Plan Support

Flexible charging policy editors make it easy to define online and offline charging rules for both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. These include real-time metering and rating rules for subscriber sessions and applications, as well as Charging Data Records (CDR) for data reconciliation and accounting systems.

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