How CSPs can integrate security into their offering

How CSPs can integrate security into their offering

Telcos are uniquely situated to meet the challenge of providing cyber protection to consumers and small businesses, according to a new report by cybersecurity research firm TAG Cyber, written by Ed Amoroso, the former CISO of AT&T.

It’s no secret that cyber threats are constantly on the rise. It’s also clear that there’s an abundance of muddled options. As a result, consumers are confused, as we saw in research conducted by Allot and Coleman Parkes Research earlier this year.

How can CSPs take advantage of this opportunity and integrate cybersecurity into their offerings?

Home users need an array of products including antivirus, antimalware, and anti-phishing solutions (often packaged together), device protection, parental control, and more – for each device that they have in their home. At the same time, most solutions are endpoint-based and not network-based, so they provide limited point protection. With the rise of the smart home, it’s also important to protect your Ring doorbell, Alexa home assistant, and iRobot vacuum cleaner, smart TV, and other smart home devices.

The market is fragmented with a variety of choices providing slightly different protection and that’s leaving consumers and small businesses vulnerable. With multiple programs, each needing its own security policies managed, while keeping your smart home and business vulnerable, this is not sustainable.

This provides a unique opportunity for CSPs such as mobile and Internet providers (often the same company) to protect their subscribers, capture additional revenue opportunities, and differentiate themselves from competitors and reduce churn.

According to TAG Cyber, “The opportunity for telecom providers to offer a simple, clear package of cybersecurity protections for homes and families appears significant.”

Small businesses are faced with many of the same issues, with added complexity. Even your local mom-and-pop shop needs to ensure that their credit card data is securely stored and PCI DSS compliant. User access is critical, and BYOD isn’t a fad anymore – it’s a given that your employees use their personal devices to do work and on the corporate network. Therefore, the same issues that apply to home consumers are also relevant to businesses. TAG Cyber also echoes its guidance on the market potential, noting that “The opportunity for U.S. telecom providers to offer a simple, clear package of cybersecurity protections for small business and microbusiness appears significant.”

But how can service providers integrate security into their networks and offering?

There are many ways to integrate this, starting with determining which services to use to reviewing different network topologies (dive deep in the on-demand webinar.)

Why should CSPs invest in security?

Simple: there’s significant money to be made. How much?

The report lays out the value proposition that CSPs can make to their subscribers, a go-to-market plan, as well as develops a business case and financial projections, showcasing the significant revenue potential that CSPs have by offering security services to their subscribers.

Want the full story? Get the report or watch the on-demand webinar with Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber.

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