Consumers demand cybersecurity. Can you afford not to provide it?

Consumers demand cybersecurity. Can you afford not to provide it?

If you had asked 8,000 global subscribers about mobile security and parental controls, what do you think they would say?

Is mobile security important? Who do they trust to keep them secure across their mobile devices? Where do they expect to get security? And are they going to switch to another provider if they think their security offering is better?

Well, you don’t need to ask because we did the hard work for you.

Allot teamed up with London-based Coleman Parkes Research to ask the pressing questions.

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Not yet ready? Here’s a taste.

  • Security is more important than entertainment – 88% of consumers place mobile security as a top priority while only 49% thought that mobile entertainment was a top priority.
  • Consumers are confused – 57% of consumers said they did not know which cybersecurity solution to choose compared with 31% In Q4 2020.
  • Mobile providers are trusted partners – 75% said they trust their mobile provider to protect them from cyber threats.
  • No one expects a free lunch – More than 90% of consumers are willing to pay for cyber protection.

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