Key Benefits

  • Elevate your relationship with prepaid customers
  • Reduce the risk of prepaid churn
  • Increase opportunities for revenue generation

Prepaid Behavior Analysis in Action

Prepaid customers comprise a significant segment of users in mobile data networks. However their activity and preferences are mostly unknown. This limited relationship makes it easier for them to churn. Prepaid Behavior Analysis allows service providers to change the nature of the relationship by providing valuable insight into the online activity of prepaid customers. Usage trends regarding popular applications, time-of-day patterns, device, and other parameters help service providers identify different profiles within the prepaid community so they can target the right kind of value to this important segment. For example, behavior analysis can be used to incentivize users of bandwidth-intensive applications to increase the amount of their regular top-up, or move up to a higher-tier prepaid package. It can also assist in targeting relevant ad campaigns to prepaid customers.

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