Key Benefits

  • Create new sources of revenue together with OTT content providers
  • Differentiate your service offering
  • Reduce churn

Customer Segmentation In Action

Over-the-top content is an integral part of the digital lifestyle. One of the ways service providers can capitalize on this phenomenon is by generating and sharing revenue through tiered bundles of popular OTT content and services. For example, service providers can partner with local content providers to bundle their music, games, movies, video, and social networking applications into a variety of tiered packages aimed at different customer segments. Bundled applications may be loaded onto smartphones at the point of sale, together with usage caps, overage policy, and unified billing by the service provider for pay-for-use content. The bundle may include content caching or video optimization to ensure great QoE. It may also offer options for targeted advertising based on in-depth analysis of subscriber behavior and bundle popularity. With so many kinds of local and global content coming online all the time, service providers have unlimited opportunity to launch new business ventures with OTT providers and share the revenue.

Allot Service Gateway
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