Key Benefits

  • Pinpoint the causes of network congestion
  • Understand usage trends and better predict congestion
  • Save on resource capex and opex through accurate planning

Network Resource Planning in Action

allot network resource planning

Network planning relies on accurate and meaningful information regarding congestion episodes on the network, why they occur, and their effect on subscriber quality of experience. For example, real-time analytics can show which subscribers, applications and devices are consuming the bandwidth in a temporarily congested cell, while historical analysis can be used to identify the usage patterns that make a cell chronically congested. The effects of congestion may be felt keenly by video consumers who experience more stalls, stutters and long load times. Analyzing video QoE per subscriber, application and device in congested cells can help operators identify problem areas and better plan around them. For example, expedited forwarding and video optimization may alleviate most of the QoE problems, rather than bandwidth expansion.

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