Enhance Efficiency and Increase Productivity with Quality of Service Policy Enforcement

Network efficiency, speed and reliability are essential for enterprise productivity. They rely on optimizing performance and ensuring that the network delivers the highest Quality of Service to its users. Allot’s solutions monitor network traffic in real time and dynamically enforce policy control per application and per user. This enables you to enforce an enterprise-wide policy that is aligned with business priorities and acceptable use policies. The result is an efficient network that increases enterprise productivity.

How Allot Boosts Your QoS: Protection, Analysis and Optimization

Allot solutions provide a unified platform for service optimization and protection that is fully scalable to meet any network capacity. They form an in-line layer that is always active and fully functional, even when other layers might be temporarily unavailable. This layer comprises Allot Service Gateway platforms and Allot NetEnforcer devices that are centrally managed by Allot NetXplorer management system, to deliver:

  • Protection against cyber-attacks, malware and spam, anti-DDoS and botnet protection to minimize disruption and downtime
  • Analysis that helps you get a clear picture of the way your network is being utilized. By extracting real usage data from your own network, you gain better insight on which to base decisions about the direction of your business and how to optimize your network’s performance. Such analysis facilitates operations capacity planning and troubleshooting; market micro-segmentation, advertising, upsell and revenue-sharing and customer care, retention, and engagement strategies
  • Optimization via traffic management and prioritization, giving you granular visibility and policy-based control of every IP flow and application transaction on your network, enabling you to favor business-critical applications over bandwidth-hogging applications. Real-time traffic classification controls congestion and adjusts service delivery to shifting network conditions and user requirements.

Allot’s DART Targets QoS

Underlying our solutions and facilitating the best QoS for your network, is Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART). DART is embedded in every Allot in-line platform. It combines Allot’s vast expertise in deep packet inspection (DPI) and real-time policy enforcement into a highly effective toolkit for managing bandwidth consumption and service performance. DART can distinguish between different devices that are preferred for different uses. This ability can be instrumental in capacity and service planning, and in strategic decision-making. DART also monitors user-application usage and tracks consumption patterns, enabling accurate analysis to support QoS policy enforcement.