Deliver Personal Data Services with Multi-Tenant Management

Within the multiservice framework of Allot Service Gateway, our powerful multi-tenancy management lets you deliver innovative Security Services from your network to thousands or to millions of subscribers. Service “tenants” are given a private virtual channel that manages their service delivery separately from others, and a simple self-care interface that allows them to personalize their own service options and settings.

Allot supports multiple tiers of tenancy in which “admin” tenants have greater permissions and control than regular tenants. This allows parents to control safe-browsing and quiet time settings for their children Likewise, businesses can determine and manage which service functions employees may access and control and which may only be viewed. Allot multi-tenancy accelerates time to market and reduces operational expenses because there is no need to alter the application or rewrite code in order to differentiate your services for customers ranging from consumers and small businesses, to enterprise employees, departments and branch offices. Allot technology supports up to 50 million tenants and provides a unified management panel for efficient provisioning and configuration.

Allot solutions supports up to 50 million tenants via a unified management console