Project management services

Successful implementation of our solutions and the fulfillment of your expectations are the result of skilled project management – from inception through to successful deployment. Our clients enjoy complete visibility throughout the project life cycle. Utilizing best industry practices, our project management services cover:

  • An initial statement of work, in which contractual obligations are translated into specific and prioritized deliverables.
  • Creation of a project plan in order to ensure the timely delivery of each phase.
  • Identification and assessment of risks, including translation into possible outcomes, in order to minimize potential incidents that may compromise project integrity.
  • Emplacement of control processes to ensure that projects are on schedule and within budget.
  • Creation of quality management procedures to ensure the highest standards of service delivery.

Low-level design services

As a natural follow-on to our high-level design service, our low-level design services result in:

  • A detailed project plan that reflects an in-depth understanding of your needs, including all the information required by our integration teams for project deployment.
  • A clear description of the connectivity and configuration of our in-line platforms.
  • An outline how to implement the desired policy configuration, traffic steering and charging attributes of your solution
  • Translation of the performance, scalability, redundancy and security aspects described in the high-level design into detailed and clear installation guidelines.

Additionally, onsite installation and commissioning engineers can be engaged on a contractual basis to address the critical installation phase and the initial period of deployment.

Acceptance test procedures (ATP)

Thorough testing by industry professionals prior to deployment is essential to ensure that your network optimization solution is ready to deliver the desired capabilities and outcomes. Our ATPs are customized to test your specific network optimization solution, and are performed by dedicated planning and implementation engineers who:

  • Ensure that all aspects of the solution are fully operational and have been correctly configured.
  • Test the configuration of our in-line platforms and management software
  • Design specific procedures to verify deployment readiness of the overall solution, including resiliency, QoS, steering, security, and functionality of our value-added  solutions, such as video caching.

Third-party integration services

Many of our value-added solutions feature integration with third-party providers and technology partners offering a broad range of solutions, such as video optimization, parental control, and OSS integration. Seamless integration requires complex, behind-the-scenes work to ensure that the solution drives real value from day one. Our third-party integration services assure that all the components of our overall solution are fully integrated, configured and tested. Our offering ranges from interoperability testing through to complete integration projects that cover third-party provider selection, interface development and delivery of documentation.