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When you invest in our maintenance and support plans, you can rest assured that your products and network will perform at peak efficiency. That’s because we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art software features, easy-to-use enhancements, and application/protocol recognition. And we also provide training services around the world. It’s all part of our commitment to your success.

Enjoy our 24/7 Support

Our engineers work continuously to refine our products and to stay abreast of new applications and protocols as they emerge. They are there for you, 24/7, with the support you need to ensure that your products and network perform at peak efficiency. Continue Reading 

Unleash your Business Value with Professional Services

Our professional services experts provide the design, deployment, testing and training services that make our solutions an integral part of your network. They apply the experience that we have gained in networks around the world to ensure that every aspect of the overall solution has been tailored to your network environment and the way you work. So whether you want to introduce a network analytics service, value-based charging schemes, or any other solution that will give you a competitive edge, our professionals can deliver it, leaving you to focus on your core business while enjoying complete peace of mind. Continue Reading

Become an Expert

We offer our partners and customers a wide range of technical training, both online and at our training centers around the world. A full schedule of forthcoming courses and list training centers can be sourced directly from here.

Benefit from our Wealth of Knowledge

Our web-based technical Knowledge Base for authorized users, offers you the ability to solve problems and learn independently. Empowering you with the knowledge necessary to successfully implement and maintain our products, our rich Knowledge Base library includes a dynamic Q&A section with technical documentation, product descriptions, training sessions and industry analysis overviews. Click here to access

Download Software

Click here to access our support portal where as a customer, you have access to software updates and any new innovations that we have to offer.

Get Support

Our WebSupport Portal delivers fast, flexible access to our Network Support Centers which enable you to quickly create new support cases, receive automated case numbers, read case details and updates, upload troubleshooting attachments, and more. Online help is always available.

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