Contextual Onboarding

Onboard customers by identifying usage profiles and real-time contextual behaviors that are likely to be receptive to your service offers

Network Resource Planning

Network planning relies on accurate and meaningful information regarding congestion episodes on the network, why they occur, and their effect on subscriber quality of experience.

Customer Touch-point Optimization

Every interaction with your customer is critical. The right kind of usage and activity analytics can assist Customer Care personnel in resolving customer issues. For example, customers may complain that their handset battery requires frequent recharging and is running out of juice after only a few hours of use.

Customer Segmentation

The ability to identify subscriber interests and usage patterns enables service providers to introduce targeted promotions and to benefit from other revenue generating opportunities.

OTT Content Bundling

Over-the-top content is an integral part of the digital lifestyle. One of the ways service providers can capitalize on this phenomenon is by generating and sharing revenue through tiered bundles of popular OTT content and services.

Volume-based Charging

Volume-based charging translates increased usage into proportional revenue growth for data service providers. It also helps them better regulate network utilization.

OTT Premium Content

While most over-the-top content is free, many content providers also offer premium Internet content and services for a fee. Service providers can capitalize on this growing phenomenon by leveraging their unique ability to enable access, shape the user experience and to track and analyze OTT usage.

Prepaid Behavior Analysis

Prepaid customers comprise a significant segment of users in mobile data networks. However their activity and preferences are mostly unknown. This limited relationship makes it easier for them to churn.

Bill Shock Prevention

When faced with an unexpected high charge for data roaming services, customers are likely to be in for a shock. Valid or not, they often contest the charges claiming they were not informed by the operator.

Parental Control

Parental Control service allows operators to provide peace of mind to parents who are concerned about the online activity of their children. Using a simple online setup screen, parents can control access to specific URLs and to a wide array of content categories such as gambling, pornography, dating sites, violence, racism and many others.

Turbo Boost

Broadband subscribers typically sign up for the data plan that best suits their digital lifestyle. But there are always those moments when an extra boost of bandwidth is desired.

Blacklist Prevention

Outbound spam is the primary cause of service provider blacklisting. While DNS blacklists (DNSBL) are widely used as a first line of defense, they are mostly ineffective as they rely solely on the spamming IP address.

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have attracted an unprecedented amount of media attention in recent years, with major online corporations, government agencies and even entire countries falling victim to them.

Clean Data

Viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing, and bots are among the many security threats that Internet users face every day. Consumers are scrambling to install the right security measures on all their devices and keep them up to date as threats increase and become more sophisticated.

Fair Use Management

Whether providing fixed or mobile connectivity, broadband service providers must constantly struggle to deliver fair and consistent QoE to all network subscribers, while refraining from making further investments in network resources.

OTT Video Optimization

Video streaming is among the most popular network applications. Its quality is highly susceptible to network conditions. Consumers tend to have low tolerance for stalls, stutters and other symptoms of poor quality of experience.

OTT Video Caching

Video caching greatly improves over-the-top video delivery by storing large and popular video files in the service provider network, assuring that they are geographically closer to subscribers and can be retrieved quickly, without going over expensive Internet transit links.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour allows operators using intelligent chaarging to reduce network congestion and improve overall user experience by providing subscribers with financial incentives to shift usage to off-peak hours.

allot service tiering

Service Tiering

Data service providers use service tiering to tailor competitive service plans to specific market segments and subscriber preferences.

Application-based Charging

The ability to identify applications at Layer 7 allows operators to differentiate their offering with a range of unique service plans based on gaming, social networking, streaming video, basic email, and other popular applications.