QoS Traffic Shaping

Control and shape traffic to maximize your Quality of Service

Managing your network’s traffic flow is the key to providing the most efficient service

Making Quality of Service a priority requires operators to optimize performance. This is achieved by maximizing network speed and reliability and it involves regulating and maintaining the flow of traffic through the network. Allot helps you control your traffic, and shape it to increase and enhance your network’s efficiency.


Giving you the means to maximize your network’s efficiency

Allot solutions provide a platform that enables you to shape your traffic in order to maximize the efficiency of your network. Our scalable solutions help you achieve this by delivering a combination of:


  • Protection against cyber-attacks, malware and spam, anti-DDoS and botnet protection to minimize disruption and downtime
  • Analysis that helps you get a clear picture of the way your network is being used so that you gain better insight on which to base decisions about how to optimize your network’s performance.
  • Optimization via traffic management and prioritization, giving you granular visibility and policy-based control of every IP flow and application transaction on your network, enabling you to favor critical applications over bandwidth-hogging applications. Real-time traffic classification controls congestion and adjusts service delivery to shifting network conditions and user requirements.


Allot’s DART targets QoS

Underlying our solutions and facilitating the best QoS for your network, is Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART). DART is embedded in every Allot in-line platform. It combines Allot’s vast expertise in deep packet inspection (DPI) and real-time policy enforcement into a highly effective toolkit for managing bandwidth consumption and service performance. DART can distinguish between different devices that are preferred for different uses. This ability can be instrumental in capacity and service planning, and in strategic decision-making. DART also monitors user-application usage and tracks consumption patterns, enabling accurate analysis to support QoS policy enforcement.

Allot Traffic Management Solutions

With the power to classify every packet, our traffic management toolkit can help you provide more high-quality services to more subscribers while keeping costs down.

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