QoE Congestion Management

Customer satisfaction is all about the Quality of Experience your network delivers

Assure Quality of Experience even when your network is congested

Your customers’ satisfaction is all about their quality of experience with your point of sale, your support center, and most importantly, with the data connectivity and value-added services your network delivers. The ever-increasing volume and complexity of data traffic poses a constant challenge to service providers who must provide enough capacity to meet bandwidth demand and Quality of Experience (QoE) expectations.


Maximize Subscriber Quality of Experience

QoE Congestion Management with Allot QualityProtector helps you extract more value from your network infrastructure and postpone or even obviate the need for expensive network expansion. Allot combines real-time monitoring of critical QoE indicators with policy-driven congestion control to maximize the quality of experience your deployed network is able to deliver at any given moment. QoE is personal. That’s why we monitor what users are actually experiencing at specific locations in the network, such as within a mobile cell, a BRAS interface, DSL interface or a CMTS channel/bonding group. When QoE indicators drop, our solution automatically shapes consumption while re-allocating available bandwidth according to your QoS or service plan policy.


Real-time QoE is the best predictor of cell congestion.


Multiservice Value

Within Allot Service Gateway, our Allot QualityProtector probe automatically detects QoE degradation caused by congestion in any part of the network, and dynamically controls bandwidth consumption to alleviate congestion precisely where it occurs. Only Allot offers:


  • Simple policy management that you can configure by yourself to assure the Quality of Experience your network delivers to every user.
  • Ability to assure QoE on any network access and across converged networks.
  • Carrier-grade scalability that assures QoE for millions of users.
  • A multiservice platform that also provides Network Intelligence, Policy Control & Charging, Traffic Management, DDoS Protection, and VAS Delivery.
Success Story
Voo Belgium

VOO extends lifetime of cable infrastructure while assuring consistent QoE on CMTS channels.

Solution Brief
QoE Congestion Management with Allot QualityProtector

Learn how automated QoE congestion management can help you extract more value from your current network infrastructure.