Encrypted Traffic Classification

Unlock encrypted traffic. Optimize network efficiency

Overcome encryption. Enhance your service. Assure high Quality of Experience.

The traffic encryption widely used by Internet services and data privacy applications poses a serious challenge to traffic visibility in your networks. It hinders traffic analysis and management. Allot identifies encrypted traffic so you can improve network efficiency and assure Quality of Experience for every user and application.


Don’t let encryption impede traffic visibility

Encryption guarantees users’ security and privacy by concealing the data flow and preventing its identification. For example, P2P and VoIP services such as BitTorrent and Skype, obfuscate their protocol structure to avoid detection, traffic shaping, or metering. Likewise, many OTT applications use SSL to encrypt communications and hide user information. Although encryption is reassuring for privacy purposes, it compromises traffic visibility; without which, traffic management and security cannot be comprehensive. Allot’s solution overcomes these challenges because it classifies all traffic, irrespective of encryption. This means you can thoroughly analyze and manage it, so that you can assure users’ quality of experience.


Traffic you can see is traffic you can control

Accurate traffic classification determines how well you can quantify and understand network usage, optimize network efficiency, assure high-quality service delivery, create value added services and charge for their use. Our superior DPI Traffic Classification is based on Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) that employs multiple inspection methods to identify traffic according to Layer-7 application, user, device, access, video and contextual attributes. Allot’s combination of inspection methods results in highly granular and accurate recognition even at maximum speeds and peak loads. DART proactively learns and adapts to evolving encryption tactics, such as:


  • Pattern and numerical property analysis of packet contents.
  • Heuristic analysis of behavior statistics from inspected transactions.
  • Peer learning: analysis of peer system behavior to identify P2P seeders (multiple transmission of files) and popular peers.
  • Port, IP address, or range of IP addresses classification
  • Machine learning based on statistical distribution patterns for over 1000 traffic attributes.
  • Automatic IP discovery through analysis of service hosts and subscriber records.
  • Predictive DPI (PDPI): Allot’s patented technology that enables the classification engine to learn from the patterns and behavior of traffic that it recognizes with 98% accuracy, and compare them to encrypted flows in order to improve identification.
Supported Protocols
Last updated on 02/07/2018

The latest protocols supported by Allot, enabling full visibility and control over your network.

Allot Traffic Management Solutions

With the power to classify every packet, our traffic management toolkit can help you provide more high-quality services to more subscribers while keeping costs down.

Use Cases
Service Provider use cases powered by Allot products and solutions

How Allot works with leading service providers to see, control and protect the data in their networks, to maximize efficiency and security.

Supporting Products

Allot Service Gateway

Help Service Providers optimize their networks and keep pace with the demand for differentiated and high quality services.

Allot NetXplorer

A central vantage point for network-wide configuration, policy management, and hitless updates to the traffic classification engine inside every Allot multiservice platform.

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