Grow revenue through rapid rollout of innovative consumer and business services

Attracting, engaging, and retaining customers is something your network business strives to do every day. Allot Policy Control & Charging (PCC) solutions help you differentiate and grow revenue by creating unlimited variety of personal service plans that cater to the unique and dynamic needs of prepaid, postpaid, consumer, and business customers. Allot PCC solutions integrate seamlessly with your authentication, provisioning and charging systems to assure rapid service rollout and time-to-revenue.

Deliver service value and charge for it

Bitrates and bandwidth are not enough to differentiate your data service plans or increase ARPU. Allot PCC solutions give you the flexibility to craft distinctive and affordable services, assure their performance, and charge for their use. These may include usage caps based on application/volume/time, top-up services, zero-rating, and bite-size services for cost-conscious prepaid users – to name just a few. More than 100 mobile operators around the world rely on Allot to power the value added services that their customers want and are willing to pay for, such as:

  • Zero-rated social apps
  • OTT VoIP plans
  • Bite-size data services
  • App allowance on demand
  • Streaming app QoS
  • App roaming plans
  • Tethering allowances
  • And much more. Your options are truly unlimited.

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Prevention

When you deploy revenue-generating services with Allot, you can detect and stop mobile data fraud and the revenue leakage that it causes. Allot’s superior traffic classification, network intelligence, and Gy interface help you discover fraudsters who hide their usage behind DNS tunneling, domain forging, and other methods in order to bypass real-time charging systems and avoid service charges.

  • Assure zero-rated services are used only by legitimate subscribers
  • Validate traffic redirect to captive portals to thwart domain forging
  • Block access to zero-rated services by anonymity and VPN domains
  • Prevent revenue leakage from excessive tethering and hot-spot use

QoS Assurance

While innovative services will attract subscribers, quality of service (QoS) will help to retain and keep them satisfied. Using Allot’s flexible policy editor, you can enforce QoS policy per service plan, per user, and per application, to guarantee quality of experience for over-the-top Internet services, especially in LTE networks where performance expectations are high.

End-to-end PPC solutions operate seamlessly in mobile and converged operator networks

Ongoing Customer Engagement

As mobile penetration reaches saturation levels and number portability makes it easy to churn, your customer retention strategy is more important than ever. With Allot PCC solutions you can deploy a 24/7 self-care framework that provides multiple channels (SMS, IVR, USSD, Web, Mobile App) for customers to access and manage all their data services. The self-care framework also provides a non-intrusive way for mobile operators to market new services, promote campaigns, and deliver timely information that improves customer relationships and reduces customer care costs.

Intelligent PCRF and PCEF/TDF in a multiservice platform

Allot is experienced in providing end-to-end PCC solutions as well as PCEF/TDF interoperability with existing PCRF systems.


Allot’s end-to-end PCC solutions allow rapid rollout of innovative services and complex charging plans. Our simple self-care framework allows your customers to access and manage their services and it provides a valuable platform for ongoing customer engagement. In addition, central campaign management helps you quantify and assure service success from rollout to revenue.


Allot PCEF/TDF interoperates with multi-vendor equipment, delivering granular data records in real time to PCRF and OCS/OFCS elements in your network, which enables you to enforce QoS, metering and charging policy with the same granularity. Real-time session data assures accurate charging for OTT and application-based services, and rich data records enhance offline charging.

Accelerate deployment. Reduce costs.

The intelligent PCRF-PCEF functionality in Allot Service Gateway integrates seamlessly in mobile and converged operator networks via standard 3GPP interfaces (Diameter Sd/Gx, Sy, Gy, Gz) to policy and charging systems. Our self-care framework is already integrated with most Telco OSS/BSS vendor equipment. Moreover, our rich experience in rapid integration and multiservice value accelerates PCRF adaptation to current service offerings and to address emerging services in a cost effective manner that meets functional requirements and reduces operational costs.

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