Network Security Services for Business Customers

Protect your business customers from online threats

Small and medium businesses are easy prey for both targeted and automated mass cyber-attacks. While cyber-awareness is growing, most small and medium businesses lack the security skills to protect themselves.

This presents a win-win opportunity for both service providers and their business customers.

Allot’s network-based security-as-a-service solutions ensure you can protect your business customers from ransomware, cryptojacking and other types of cyber threats. Your service will generate additional recurring revenue while your business customers stay productive without interruption.

Why Allot?

Only with Allot Business Security Solutions, you can:

  • Scale to support and centrally manage security for tens of thousands of businesses
  • Deliver Security as a Service on a flexible multi-tenanted platform that enables every business to have its own security policy and reports
  • Provide comprehensive Secure Web Gateway services without any on-premise installation, making it effortless for the customer.


  • Address the growing needs of a large market, left to fend for itself
  • Provide an opportunity to upsell additional value-added services such as IoT security, mobile security and security consulting services
  • Respond quickly to new malware outbreaks, spam and phishing attempts

Customer Testimonial

"There is a current need in the market to offer an advanced protection service for the fixed and mobile network of companies… We see the huge potential of Telefónica to achieve very high penetration rates with this type of service. We believe that this partnership is an excellent formula for success in the market."

Jose Luis Gilperez, Executive Director Public Administrations, Defense and Security, Telefónica España.

Solution Brief
Delivering Security as a Service to SMB customers

The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) market is fast evolving with increasing number of customers looking to acquire security services.

Industry Trends
Mobile Security Trends Report

A unique go-to-market for mass market Security as a Service.

This solution is powered by:

Allot Secure
Deliver a unified, CSP branded security service for IoT and user devices at home, at work and on the go.
Allot NetworkSecure
Generate incremental security service revenue with network-based security services proven to achieve high adoption rates.

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