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Implement the VAS use cases that are right for your business and budget

When you choose Allot as your service innovation partner, you gain a multiservice platform – Allot Service Gateway – that integrates the tools, technologies and functions you need to deliver and charge for subscriber and business services over any access and at any scale.


Improve download speeds by over 100%

Most applications in your network use TCP, which is a very͞chatty͟ protocol and can take some time to adjust to changes in the available network speed. If a transmission is going to a remote server, or experiences packet loss or packets need to be reordered, your TCP transport can get bogged down in buffering and re-transmissions and never reach the available network speed or the response time your users expect. Allot TCP Optimization solution overcomes these problems and can improve transport speeds by more than 100%. The solution is designed to avoid excessive buffering and accelerate application and content delivery.


Allot TCP-Optimized download speed (in red) versus download speed (in blue)

Press Release
Telefónica partners with Allot Communications to Establish a Multi-Service Platform for Improved Security and User Experience

Solution Brief
McAfee Unified Security powered by Allot

McAfee teams up with Allot to enable service providers to protect their customers anywhere and on any device.