Intelligent PCEF/TDF Solutions

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Granular network intelligence for flexible policy and charging enforcement

In the complex world of real-time policy and charging enforcement, interoperability and scalability are key to achieving your policy goals. Allot Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) and Traffic Detection Function (TDF) solutions, powered by Allot Service Gateway, interoperate not only with Allot PCRF, but also with multi-vendor PCRF and OCS/OFCS equipment, enabling rapid deployment, seamless integration, and scalable performance as you rollout new services.


PCEF and TDF per 3GPP Standards

Allot’s intelligent PCEF/TDF functionality, whether physical or virtual, complies with 3GPP standards and interface specifications (Diameter Sd/Gx, Sy, Gy, Gz) to assure maximum efficiency and predictable performance. Allot Traffic Detection Function accurately classifies and meters data usage per application, user, device, etc. and delivers these granular data records in real time to the PCRF and OCS/OFCS elements in your network, enabling Allot PCEF (or other network element) to enforce traffic management and charging policy with equal granularity so you can:


  • Assure optimal performance of OTT applications and services according to network conditions and subscriber expectations.
  • Generate new revenue as you meter subscriber usage and dynamically enforce service availability and charging policy depending on usage caps, top-up options, zero-rating, subscriber location, service chaining, or any set of conditions in the service plan.


Real-time Convergence. Highest Scalability.

As a single point of integration for traffic classification, management, charging, and steering, Allot PCEF/TDF solutions, powered by Allot Service Gateway, enables unified traffic detection and policy enforcement and across any access. Clustering many Allot Service Gateway platforms to work as one lets you scale PCEF/TDF throughput up to Terabits per second, while maintaining accurate traffic classification and control even when asymmetric upstream and/or downstream IP flows are processed by different platforms.

With Allot Service Gateway deployed in your network, you get unified traffic detection and policy enforcement across any mix of access technologies, together with higher scalability and performance than any other PCEF/TDF solutions.

Success Story
LATAM CSP Grabs Mobile Data Market-Share with Zero-Rated Apps

This tier-1 service provider in LATAM uses Allot Policy & Charging Control solutions to attract new prepaid customers with zero-rated apps, and to prevent fraudulent use of the service.

Solution Brief
Virtual PCEF/TDF for Real Data Monetization

Allot's virtualized TDF and PCEF functions can give you greater flexibility to create, deliver and monetize data services.