TCP Optimization & Acceleration Solutions

Accelerate TCP traffic to deliver content and applications even faster

The evolution in mobile and fixed network technology is bringing us ever-increasing speeds. And they will only get faster with the introduction of 5G. But this does not always result in better quality of experience for network users. One of the main reasons is due to TCP inefficiencies, which are especially noticeable at higher network speeds. As part of Allot’s SmartTraffic QoE suite, our TCP Optimization solution help you accelerate TCP traffic, so your users enjoy faster downloads and response times.


Improve download speeds by over 100%

Most applications in your network use TCP, which is a very "chatty" protocol. It can take some time to adjust to changes in the available network speed. If transmissions going to a remote server experiences packet loss or packet reordering, TCP transport can get bogged down by buffering and re-transmissions. It will never reach the available network speed or the response time your customers expect. Allot’s TCP Optimization solution helps you overcome these challenges. By avoiding excessive buffering, it improves transport speeds by more than 100%, ensuring you can deliver applications and content faster and keep users loyal to your network.


Allot TCP-Optimized download speed (in red) versus download speed (in blue)