Network Traffic Congestion Solutions and Management

Overcome network congestion to maintain high QoE, without upgrading infrastructure

When it comes to maintaining a high QoE, the biggest issue for service providers is providing enough capacity to meet bandwidth demand. But keeping up with the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data traffic doesn’t have to mean expensive network expansion. With Allot’s QoE Congestion Management solution, you can extract more value from your network infrastructure and avoid the need to invest in costly infrastructure upgrades.

Personalize Your QoE Optimization

Our QoE Congestion Management solution employs DPI technology, within the Allot Service Gateway, to automatically monitor the user experience at specific locations in the network. By monitoring critical indicators in real-time and applying policy-driven congestion control, you can maximize the delivered QoE at any given moment or network location—whether within a mobile cell, a BRAS interface, DSL interface or a CMTS channel/bonding group. When QoE indicators drop, our solution automatically shapes consumption while re-allocating available bandwidth according to your QoS or service plan policy.

Take Full Control

With Allot’s QoE Congestion Management solution, you can:

  • Configure policy management yourself to assure a high QoE for every user
  • Maintain high QoE on any network access and across converged networks
  • Apply carrier-grade scalability to deliver optimal QoE to millions of users

Allot’s QoE Congestion Management solution is part of the SmartTraffic QoE group of solutions.

Real-time QoE is the best predictor of cell congestion

Success Story
Voo Belgium

VOO extends lifetime of cable infrastructure while assuring consistent QoE on CMTS channels.

SmartTraffic QoE

Traffic Management solutions that deliver optimal end-user Quality of Experience.

Solution Brief
QoE Congestion Management with Allot QualityProtector

Learn how automated QoE congestion management can help you extract more value from your current network infrastructure.

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