Traffic Management

Delivering optimal Quality of Experience (QoE) is key to attracting and retaining subscribers

Network service performance and user satisfaction are key to business success and profitability. To deliver optimal QoE you must be able to identify and classify every packet on your network. You can then prioritize critical applications over those that hog bandwidth, extracting more value from your infrastructure and deferring the need for costly upgrades.

The Need

In today’s highly competitive digital world, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) must deliver optimal QoE to attract and retain subscribers. Data consumption continues to grow exponentially while revenue per bit keeps dropping. Much of the data is video and most of the video is encrypted. Bandwidth is expensive and intelligent, dynamic bandwidth management is critical for CSPs to get the most out of their deployed infrastructure. If you can’t detect and classify types of traffic you can’t manage them, and you can’t ensure QoE.

By keeping DDoS traffic off the network and managing CMTS congestion precisely where it occurs, we have been able to delay infrastructure expansion by 2 years and to save millions

Tamara Leemans, VOO CTO

Why Allot?

Powered by algorithms that detect encrypted video traffic and accurately evaluate end-user perceived QoE

Enhance customer QoE via closed-loop optimization of congested Mobile, CMTS or DSL networks

Leverage superior handling of asymmetric traffic to ensure more accurate traffic management and QoE

Selectively steer relevant traffic to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver value-added services

Real-time visibility of performance and customer experience … prioritize traffic to deliver optimal QoE at minimal cost … protect your bottom-line profitability


Prioritize smartly and fairly

Save at least 10% of access bandwidth costs & Defer capacity expansion by 1-2 years

Prevent overage data charges

Optimize leased bandwidth in real-time to avoid overage charges and/or decreased QoE

Satisfy your customers

Deliver high QoE to increase end-user satisfaction and strengthen your brand

The Solution

SmartTraffic QoE utilizes Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology to identify different types of encrypted traffic. KPIs are transformed into Key Quality Indicators, and then network traffic is dynamically shaped to ensure users get the intended QoE. Closed Loop Automation monitors and optimizes network traffic, enhancing customer satisfaction.

With SmartTraffic QoE your network delivers:

Enforcement of QoS policies to favor business-critical and real-time applications and to optimize utilization of leased bandwidth

Dynamic, automated, optimization of end-user QoE, via ML/AI driven management of congested bandwidth

Value-added Services efficiently balance, steer, and chain specific traffic to the relevant VAS platforms

Traffic management to optimize network performance and subscriber QoE

This solution is powered by:

Allot Service Gateway

Enable revenue-generating security services & intelligent network optimization

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Allot ClearSee Analytics

Actionable insights from network, application and usage data

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Allot Subscriber Management Platform

Accurately monitor & meter subscriber data services

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Enable revenue-generating security services & intelligent network optimization Learn more...

Actionable insights from network, application and usage data Learn more...

Accurately monitor & meter subscriber data services Learn more...


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