KPN – IT provider, the Netherlands

Success Story

KPN – IT provider, the Netherlands




Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance platform, powered by Allot Service Gateways (SG-9100), in two datacenters


Advanced Technology Providers



“With the Allot Service Gateway, we will improve overall customer QoE by more easily troubleshooting network and application performance in real-time, as well as enforcing SLAs while improving capacity planning ”

Gert Heyblom, Technical Product Manager at KPN

Advanced Technology Provider – SLA assurance for business customers


About KPN

Dutch Telco KPN Data Center Division (also known today as NLDC) is a leading IT provider in the Netherlands. KPN provides core ICT (information and communications technology) services and public cloud services. KPN data center division focuses on both private customers and business users, from small to large.


The Challenge

Vital to KPN is to enforce and maintain customer Service Level Agreements (SLA) at minimum cost. To do so, KPN had to gain excellent visibility into their business customers’ Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) and assure its optimized delivery and safeguard the network from constant DDoS attacks, which degraded the network and customer experience.

In addition, KPN saw the need to overcome frequent network outages due to poor performance and the inability to run supported cluster and custom advanced reports.


The Solution

KPN deployed the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance solution for the Advanced Technology Providers sector. The solution is powered by two Service Gateways (SG-9100) in two data centers, providing 360⁰ real-time granular visibility to KPN network performance and end-users and business customers’ QoS and QoE.

KPN utilizes centralized management, advanced traffic control, and multitenant capabilities to assure SLA with its business customers. These capabilities enable KPN to easily define unique traffic prioritization rules on a business customer level.

Advanced analytics capabilities enable KPN to monitor network performance and customers’ QoS & QoE and provide proactive “Customer Care” through self-customized reports for their customers. In addition, in cases of degradation, visual alerts & troubleshooting notifications help KPN ensure customers’ QoS & QoE promptly.


The Benefits

Thanks to the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance solution for the Advanced Technology Providers sector, KPN has gained QoE assurance and advanced analytics capabilities, thus assuring customers’ SLA.

Moreover, KPN saved network expansion costs by improving network performance control while better utilizing its network resources.

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