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Hutchison Drei Austria Protects Mobile Users with Network-based Security Solution Powered by Allot

About Hutchison Drei Austria

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) and part of the 3Group Europe. In 2018 Drei achieved a total revenue of 881 million euros with about 3.9 million customers. As a leading Austrian telecommunications provider, the company offers mobile communication, internet, fixed line, TV and business solutions from a single source. Since its launch in 2003, the company has been a pioneer for simple solutions for digital life through to M2M/ IoT, network and IT solutions for companies.

Next to the biggest network of branded stores by an Austrian telecommunications provider and all-encompassing customer service for residential and business customers, Drei’s 5G customers can already experience the many advantages of the new technology for themselves: enormously fast Internet, more bandwidth, and more overall capacity. In the future, this will result in completely new opportunities and new business areas.

The Challenges

To distinguish itself from the competition, the company was seeking ways to differentiate its offering to customers.

Meanwhile, customers in Austria want to be protected from cyberthreats. Within the market 77% of people fear damage from viruses, and 50% fear damage from phishing attacks.

“With our mobile users being exposed to newer, more sophisticated threats every day, they are in need of a proven security solution,” said Rudolf Schrefl, CCO at Drei.

At a strategic level, Hutchison Drei Austria sought portfolio differentiation and innovation with products that add value and increase average revenue per user (ARPU).


In August 2019, Hutchison Drei Austria launched “lnternetschutz,” a security-as-a-service solution powered by the NetworkSecure platform from Allot.

NetworkSecure, part of the AllotSecure product suite, is the market leader in the growing network-based, mass-market cybersecurity category, protecting more than 23 million mobile users globally.

The “lnternetschutz,” a security-as-a-service solution service from Drei, protects customers against emerging cyber-security threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware, and cryptojacking. All this without the need for subscribers to download or install anything on their devices.

Drei offers “lnternetschutz” as an add-on service to postpaid smartphones and data customers, who get a 30-day free trial, that converts to an ongoing plan costing €1.5/month.

Value is continuously communicated to customers because they receive notifications about intercepted threats and see an expandable icon, with the option to display statistics and see more information at the product portal. Each month, customers receive a protection summary and relevant security tips.

Engagement between Drei and Allot is based on a recurring monthly fee derived from the number of subscribers using the solution.

On-site professional services contributed to the deployment of the complete solution in about 6 months.


The security-as-a-service solution was easily and quickly integrated into the service provider network, providing a seamless experience for users.

Furthermore, the clientless, network-based security platform increases ARPU and customer loyalty as it helps to protect customers from a wide range of cyberthreats. On average, ARPU increased by 10% for subscribers who adopted the Internetschutz service.

Coupled with Allot’s consumer marketing suite, the GDPR-compliant solution has been proven to achieve high penetration, especially at retail stores.

Summary of Main Benefits

  • Fast add-on adoption
  • Very high conversion rates in stores
  • Increased brand equity by protecting mobile users with a secure and trusted service
  • Additional ARPU/MRR: consumers pay a monthly premium for the cybersecurity service
  • Smooth deployment:
    • ~6-month product launch
    • Zero customer complaints

According to Martin Westhoff, Teamleader Strategy & Marketing Home at Drei, “More than a third of new customers who sign contracts in our stores choose to sign up for the Internetschutz service, and the month-over-month adoption rate in the first 4 months averaged 75%. This is a very encouraging trend that indicates the success of the Allot cybersecurity solution and related services.”

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