CRIF – global FSI company

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CRIF – global FSI company




Allot Traffic Intelligence solution for the FSI sector


Financial Services and Insurance (FSI)



“Allot solutions provide the visibility and control we need to ensure an excellent customer experience for every user of CRIF's web services. ”

Paolo Marino, CRIF IT Manage

Optimized Digital Experience for online web services


About CRIF

CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF operates across five continents (Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia). 82K business customers and 1Million consumers use CRIF services across 50 countries.


The Challenge

Vital for CRIF is to enable continuous global expansion and growth through real time service delivery and high quality of service.To do so they saw the need to improve their network performance and network congestion issues.

Moreover, CRIF wanted to reduce its network expansions costs by better utilizing its existing network infrastructure.


The Solution

CRIF deployed the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance solution for the Financial Services sector. The solution is powered by Allot Secure Service Gateways (SSG500), distributed in two CRIF sites in Italy and working in active redundancy mode. The allot Traffic Intelligence platform provides 360⁰ granular visibility to CRIF network performance, user behavior, and applications in use. Utilizing Allot platform advanced traffic control and shaping capabilities, CRIF can minimize internet traffic congestion and assure optimized digital experience to its online services.In addition, intuitive real-time troubleshooting indications and advanced analytics capabilities enable CRIF to resolve network performance issues quickly.


The Benefits

Thanks to the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance solution for the Financial Services sector, CRIF can assure a persistent and excellent digital experience on its online web services for the masses. Thus, facilitating its corporate growth strategy. Further, the solution helps CRIF to reduce internet access congestion, the network troubleshooting time, and minimize internet connectivity spending by 20%.


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