Network Visibility, Security and Control in a Single Platform

Allot Secure Service Gateway has been designed with your business in mind. It provides the most efficient combination of analytics, policy enforcement bandwidth management, and multi-layered security, thereby maximizing cost-efficiency and quality of experience for all network users.

The platform’s all-in-one functionality is capable of replacing five different appliances and is ideal for any business that wants to reduce the total cost of ownership that is typically incurred by solutions with multiple appliances from multiple vendors. The platform is sized and priced to support a wide range of medium-sized to large organizations, from hundreds to 100,000 employees, including financial institutions, education, manufacturing, retail and healthcare and more.

This solution brief contains real use cases from Allot – and will show you how Allot Secure Service Gateway can help you achieve your application performance, security and Quality of Experience goals simply and cost-effectively.