Security as a Service for Consumers

Allot WebSafe Personal is part of Allot’s leading Security as a Service offering for mobile and fixed networks, providing network-based parental controls and anti-malware services that enhance your brand and generate recurring revenue. Allot WebSafe Personal services are delivered from your network or cloud and therefore have no impact on device performance or battery life. Moreover, your customers enjoy uniform setup options for all devices and hassle-free maintenance.

Parental Controls provide peace of mind

Allot WebSafe Personal assures child-safe browsing and provides peace of mind by allowing parents to determine the websites and content that their children can access, as well as the hours and amount of time they spend online. Accurate web filtering techniques control access in real-time according to individual user profiles, which the parent manages online.

Anti-Malware protects personal devices

Allot’s network-based anti-malware service powered by Kaspersky Lab, Sophos and Bitdefender, protects customers against all kinds of malware that can damage mobile devices and cause the loss of personal content. The service also includes powerful anti-virus and anti-phishing for email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) and web traffic, which takes the worry out of engaging in online activity and mobile transactions.

Allot WebSafe Personal helps you:

  • Increase ARPU from revenue-generating Security-as-a-Service
  • Offer security services that are ideally suited to mobility needs
  • Provide maximum protection without over-blocking
  • Assure security continuity when users go off-network
  • Gain valuable intelligence on usage profiles and malware threats
  • Strengthen customer loyalty with personal reports on usage and blocked threats
  • Deploy flexibly with single tenancy or multi-tenancy operation
  • Accelerate rollout and time-to-revenue through full integration in Allot Service Gateway
  • Scale to support millions of users

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Single and multi-tenant operation

Single and multi-tenancy operation allows you to offer a predefined set of web security features for all consumers, as well as the ability for customers to personalize their own parental control and anti-malware settings. Scales to support 50 million individual tenants.

Easy to personalize

Users can enjoy set up of personal filtering rules for the content and URLs they want to limit. Simple access rules control times of day and total hours spent online, while personal alerts notify parents by SMS or email when attempts are made to access blocked websites.

Ongoing customer engagement

Nurture ongoing customer engagement by sending in-browser notifications to users who opt in to the service. Notices are triggered automatically and may include text, images, video, banners, and animations. Automatic notifications provide a non-intrusive channel to keep in touch with business customers and to add value to their digital experience.

On-demand reporting

Parents can generate on-demand reports detailing the online activities of their children in easy-to-read graphs that show the most frequently blocked targets; the most frequently accessed content categories and URLs; and other relevant statistics per MSISDN, IP address, or other identifier. Anti-virus and anti-phishing activity reports are provided in condensed and detailed formats for both web and email traffic. All reports are accessible via standard web browsers from your customer service portal.   WebSafePersonalReport

Threat and usage visibility

Network-based Security as a Service means that you keep valuable threat-event data within your organization, thus avoiding the security risks and higher latencies that are inherent in typical cloud-based datacenter solutions. Allot also gives you complete visibility of online user behavior, enabling you to analyze and refine your managed services accordingly.

Security expertise

  • Anti-virus technology from Kaspersky Lab, Sophos and Bitdefender, with 24/7 updates on viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkit, keylogger, phishing and others
  • Patented, heuristic, multi-layer detection of unregistered signs and mutations.
  • Automated and human analysis of website content, including multilingual analysis, to ensure accurate filtering.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence techniques dynamically scour and classify online content into relevant categories that are updated every few minutes, resulting in high accuracy with almost no over blocking errors.

Scalable Service Delivery Framework

Allot WebSafe Personal software is fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer platforms to enable unlimited scalability and cost-efficient deployment in operator networks. Allot high-performance platforms monitor all network traffic and steer only the relevant flows to the security services, while a unified management console monitors and manages web security services for all customers across your entire network

Opt-out Security as a Service

Provide effective anti-malware service to all customers on a trial basis for 1-3 months at no charge, including personal malware event reports that demonstrate the protection they are getting. Once the trial period is over, users can either opt out of the service or continue the service at a low monthly charge (e.g., $1/month). Most customers recognize the benefits of the service and want to continue, which means you can:

  • Increase ARPU
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with your brand
  • Reduce churn

Opt-in Security as a Service

While anti-malware services are important to all mobile customers, Parental Controls appeal mainly to families with children. Allot helps you offer Parental Controls an opt-in value added service, for which customers are willing pay a premium. Offers may range an unlimited Family package to tiered packages based on the number of devices protected. With opt-in Parental Control services you can:

  • Differentiate your service offering
  • Generate new recurring revenue
  • Strengthen service stickiness

Free Security as a Service

Let your subscribers opt-in to basic Anti-Malware and/or Parental Control services for free and reduce churn significantly (see Allot MobileTrends Report). The churn savings alone may cover most or even all of the cost of providing the service free of charge, and it allows you to:

  • Differentiate your brand as the “safe network”
  • Reduce churn
  • Upsell premium security services that allow customization

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