The Security Value Added Service that has gained 50% penetration

Finally, an effective way to deliver security services with built in customer engagement, mass, informed activation and effective security that results in 40 to 60% service uptake and unprecedented Net Promoter Scores.

Security as a Service for Consumers

Allot WebSafe Personal is part of Allot’s leading Security as a Service offering for mobile and fixed networks, providing network-based parental controls and anti-malware services that enhance your brand and generate recurring revenue. Allot WebSafe Personal services are delivered from your network or cloud, enabling mass informed activation of customers for try and buy. Opt-In and Opt-Out campaigns require zero effort by the customer to activate the service. This results in high penetration rates that are critical when deploying a price-sensitive service to the mass market.

Gain customer trust by assuring personal privacy and security

Allot security services provide in-service notification and reporting that build trust and help you maximize customer engagement and retention. Subscribers receive timely notifications regarding specific security events as well as periodic reports detailing all the actions you have taken to secure them. Notifications are also used to push security tips and other useful information to subscribers, demonstrating over and over again the value of your security services to every customer.

Anti-Malware protects personal devices

Allot’s network-based anti-malware service powered by Kaspersky Lab, Sophos and Bitdefender, protects customers against all kinds of malware that can damage mobile devices and cause the loss of personal content. The service also includes powerful anti-virus and anti-phishing for email and web traffic.

Parental Controls provide peace of mind

Allot WebSafe Personal assures child-safe browsing and provides peace of mind by allowing parents to determine the websites and content that their children can access, as well as the hours and amount of time they spend online.

Fast & easy uptake Because customers LOVE IT!



Over 60% of consumers would like to buy Mobile Security from their Service Provider

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What our customers say

“The Secure Net service is accessible from any Vodafone-connected mobile device and provides peace of mind to parents who worry about their child’s online activity or to users who fear viruses and phishing scams while surfing the Web.”

Director Consumer Services at Vodafone Germany