Security as a Service for Businesses

Allot WebSafe Business enables managed security service providers to protect the digital experience of business customers whose applications are migrating to the cloud and whose employees are increasingly mobile. With Allot’s scalable and multi-tenant solution, you can deliver Security as a Service to millions of small and medium business (SMB) customers who need protection from online threats and network abuse.

Web Security, Visibility, Control

Allot WebSafe Business includes web (URL) filtering, anti-malware, application control, mail security, and ads blocker services that protect business customers, allowing them to use Internet and cloud resources safely and productively.

Allot WebSafe Business helps you:

  • Address business mobility needs with Security as a Service
  • Deliver essential web security at affordable price points
  • Provide continuous protection, including off-network usage
  • Reduce the complexity of multi-tenant operations
  • Provide easy and transparent self-management per tenant
  • Scale to support millions of business tenants
  • Gain valuable threat intelligence and insight on business usage trends
  • Accelerate ROI through full integration in Allot Service Gateway

Contact sales@allot.com to discover how Allot WebSafe Business can help you generate recurring revenue through value-added security services for small and medium businesses.

Flexible multi-tenancy

Allot’s flexible multi-tenant architecture supports predefined web security packages as well as the ability for businesses to customize their own web filtering, email security, anti-malware, and application control settings. Your managed services tenants get a simple and intuitive interface suited to their different requirements for flexibility and security. Central and distributed tenant control supports easy self-management of:

  • Navigation Groups
  • Black List Groups
  • White List Groups
  • User Profiles
  • Tenant Policy Control

Simple tenant self-management

Via secure access to your business portal, businesses can set up and manage their security services, and generate on-demand reports detailing all malware blocking events, frequently accessed content categories and URLs, enforcement events triggered by their Acceptable Use Policy, and other relevant statistics presented per MSISDN, IP address, tenant group, user profile, or other identifier.


Threat and usage visibility

Network-based Security as a Service means that you keep valuable threat-event data within your organization, thus avoiding the security risks and higher latencies that are inherent in typical cloud-based datacenter solutions. Allot also gives you complete visibility of online user behavior, enabling you to analyze and refine your managed services accordingly.

Ongoing customer engagement

Nurture ongoing customer engagement by sending in-browser notifications to users who opt in to the service. Notices are triggered automatically and may include text, images, video, banners, and animations. Automatic notifications provide a non-intrusive channel to keep in touch with business customers and to add value to their digital experience.

Security expertise

  • Anti-virus technology from Kaspersky Lab, Sophos and Bitdefender, with 24/7 updates on viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkit, keylogger, phishing and others
  • Patented, heuristic, multi-layer detection of unregistered signs and mutations.
  • Automated and human analysis of website content, including multilingual analysis, to ensure accurate filtering.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence techniques dynamically scour and classify online content into relevant categories that are updated every few minutes, resulting in high accuracy with almost no over blocking errors.

Scalable Service Delivery Framework

Allot WebSafe Business software is fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer platforms to enable unlimited scalability and cost-efficient deployment in operator networks. Allot high-performance platforms monitor all network traffic and steer only the relevant flows to the security services, while a unified management console monitors and manages web security services for all customers across your entire network. allot-websafe-business-specs-diagram

Anonymizer Threat Control

When compared to overall Web traffic, “anonymized” traffic is blocked 3 times more often on average due to malware and malicious content. Anonymizers and mobile VPNs are often used to evade network firewalls and other security measures. Allot WebSafe Business lets your managed services customers identify and monitor anonymizer applications and to enforce Acceptable Use Policy which may block, rate-limit, or simply report on their use. By solving this security problem for mobile business customers, you can:

  • Differentiate your manages services offering
  • Give customers broader and deeper protection
  • Enhance your brand

Simple SOHO Security

Many small-office and home-office businesses are looking for effective anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-spam protection that doesn’t require hours of setup and ongoing maintenance on each employee’s device. With Allot WebSafe Business, you can provide a pre-packaged security service that is easy to acquire and activate, works with any mobile device, and has no impact on battery life or device performance. In addition, you can use Allot’s fully integrated analytics solutions to gain better insight into the the online behavior and security events of SOHO customers in order to fine-tune Security as a Service packages to their needs.

  • Differentiate your managed services offering
  • Attract SOHO customers with services that are easy to acquire and use
  • Create an upsell path to fully customizable Security as a Service

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