Allot ServiceProtector

Allot ServiceProtector is your first line of network defense against cyber threats, protecting your data network against the increasing scale and complexity of inbound and outbound cyber attacks that are designed to flood your network and disrupt service availability. Service providers worldwide rely on Allot ServiceProtector to surgically mitigate volumetric DoS/DDoS attacks and neutralize IoT device anomalies and outbound threats before they impact network service and business continuity.


Comprehensive real-time protection against the most sophisticated threats

Defend your network against the largest and most sophisticated attacks, avoid blacklisting and eliminate traffic overload, in order to maintain network efficiency, assure Quality of Service and protect your operations and your business. Allot inspects 100% of the traffic on your network to ensure that no threat goes undetected, and blocks attacks within seconds, before they can threaten or disrupt network service. These include DoS/DDoS attacks, attacks originating from IoT connected devices, and outbound spam, worms and port scanning traffic generated by bot-infected users. Allot identifies host infection and abusive behavior according to abnormal outbound connection activity and malicious connection patterns, enabling you to treat the root cause of the threat as well as the symptoms. Network security is achieved with maximum efficiency, so that there is no degradation in QoS. DDoS attacks are stopped at the carrier backbone or the network edge, far from your users, and all anomalous behavior is mitigated inline without diverting massive data volumes to cloud scrubbing centers.



Real-time threat detection and mitigation guarantees reliability

Allot employs multiple methods to detect anomalous connection behavior or traffic volumes and to block or limit access to misbehaving IoT devices and DDoS attacks in real-time. Allot also pinpoints the sources of anomalous behavior, so you can quickly remediate malfunctioning devices at their source, and prevent them from serving as vehicles for cyber attacks. Dynamic creation of filtering rules and surgical filtering of attack packets avoids over-blocking your network and allows legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping your business online and protected at all times. Real-time alerts notify you when a threat is detected and when it has been mitigated. Detailed and customizable attack-mitigation logs, event analytics, host infection analytics, and trend/distribution reports support your security planning, threat management and operational decisions. And this is achieved seamlessly and reliably, within a unified framework for service delivery, security and monetization, powered by Allot Service Gateway and allot NetEnforcer platforms.

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Allot ServiceProtector


Stopping DDoS attacks and outgoing spam with Allot ServiceProtector

Solution Brief

Neutralizing zombies and controlling outbound spam


Outgoing threat protection

Automatic detection of anomalous activity and blocking of spam, worms and port scanning traffic to prevent network blacklisting.

Real-time DDoS Protection

Sophisticated anomaly detection and analysis technologies identify any number and complexity of DDoS attacks in real-time, and surgically filter only malicious traffic. Unlike solutions that ͞sample͟ captured packets and flow data, Allot collects and analyzes all anomalous packets and metadata in real-time to ensure accuracy.

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AllotWebSafe Platform

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