Allot Network Secure

Allot Network Secure provides Security as a Service to SMBs and enterprises, protecting networks, endpoints and users from malware and inappropriate and unwanted content. A secure proxy web gateway for URL filtering, anti-malware, and mail security that protects your business, Allot’s solution is network-based, so has no impact on device performance or battery life. Moreover, customers enjoy uniform setup options for all devices and hassle-free maintenance.


Protect your employees and safeguard your business

Allot Network Secure enables managed security service providers to protect the digital experience of business customers whose applications are migrating to the cloud and whose employees are increasingly mobile. With Allot’s scalable and multi-tenant solution, you can deliver Security as a Service to millions of small and medium business (SMB) customers who need protection from online threats and network abuse.


Flexible, multi-tenant platform, providing visibility, insight and security

Allot Network Secure provides a flexible platform that’s scalable, for delivering Security as a Service to large numbers of business users. Its multi-tenant architecture allows you to offer a predefined set of web security features for business customers, as well as the ability for SMBs to customize their own web filtering, mail security, and anti-malware settings.

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Allot Network Secure: Assuring Online Security for Cloud Business Customers

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Consumer View on Mobile Security

Supporting Products

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics

Identify the demands on your network and assure performance of business applications.

Allot Secure Service Gateway

Allot’s scalable platform that maximizes the visibility, security and control of your network with a single appliance, enabling employees and customers to most effectively and securely use mission-critical applications from any location and at any time.

Allot Gateway Manager

Your vantage point for network-wide visibility, security and control of all network traffic, application performance and user QoE, customizable according to your business priorities.

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