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Vantiva is a global technology leader in designing, developing, and supplying innovative products and solutions that connect consumers around the world. Allot’s HomeSecure and BusinessSecure router-based security service has been integrated with Vantiva’s router software, fully certified and operating in Vantiva CPEs.


Allot’s HomeSecure and BusinessSecure guarantee a simple, reliable, and secure network for the connected home or small business. This is achieved through an agent that is installed on the home or business router firmware. It provides enhanced visibility into the network and blocks external and internal attacks. The solution identifies all home or business network devices and applies a standard security policy for each device. The device can then be assigned to a different user to inherit the policy of the chosen user automatically. So here are the important benefits of Allot implementation:

  • Allot embedded its security service within Vantiva’s CPE solutions.
  • Allot’s router-based security service is integrated with Vantiva’s router Software, fully certified and operating on Vantiva CPEs.
  • The solution is tested and available to Allot’s and Vantiva’s customers, extending support on a wide range of xDSL, Cable and Fiber CPEs.
  • The lightweight agent is remotely pushed to the router, zero-touch for end-users resulting in high adaptation.
  • Allot Agent’s negligible footprint has no impact on the browsing experience.
  • Allot and Vantiva’s best-of-breed approach, promotes Allot’s Home/ BusinessSecure and Vantiva’s Internet Gateways – being THE CPEs of choice.

Allot Secure 360 is a security service delivery platform designed for CSPs that centrally manages and unifies multilayer, multivendor security. It unifies network-based security, home and small business gateway security, and security clients into a CSP-branded security service. Allot Secure delivers a seamless customer experience through a single interface for policy setting, reporting, and event handling. Allot Secure is comprised of several components that: protect the mobile network, protect devices behind the router at home or at a small business as well as the router itself, and protect endpoint devices that are off-net, for example on a public Wi-Fi network or at the local café.

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