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Networks VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewall

The integrated N6 solution enables service providers to address critical security needs by protecting the interface between the 5G core network and the public IP network.

The solution combines two critical functions: VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and DDoS protection on the N6. It reduces the complexity of the 5G architecture by incorporating a pre-integrated solution that simplifies the design, deployment, and operation of critical network edge functions for the service provider.

In addition, the solution provides significant scaling benefits. The DDoS protection component can be configured as a session-aware flow load balancer that distributes packet load across all active firewall instances.  The configuration enables improved utilization of active NGFW instances, load protection in case of a network failure or volumetric DDoS attack, and dynamic NGFW resource allocation.


Enhancing mobile network security by delivering volumetric DDoS protection and session-aware data-flow distribution for VM-Series virtual next-generation firewalls.

  • A unified and scalable anti-DDoS and VM-Series virtual firewall solution for containerized, virtual, and physical environments
  • Comprehensive user plane inspection and protections against malicious traffic
  • Built-in, session-aware load balancing for improved scalability
  • Automated load protection in case of a network failure or volumetric DDoS attack
  • Automated or manual scaling-in and scaling-out of VM-Series virtual firewall deployments

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Allot 5G NetProtect

Allot 5G NetProtect

Allot 5G NetProtect is the DDoS mitigation element. 5G NetProtect models network behavior, using ML algorithms to handle zero-day attacks. It has four software elements: Inline Sensor, detecting traffic and DDoS Controller (DSC), detecting attacks. Subscriber Management Platform (SMP), for subscriber awareness to quarantine infected hosts, and NetXplorer (NX) Element Manager, for administration. Components can be provided as VM, CNF, or in combination. The inline Sensor monitors incoming/outgoing traffic, collecting counters by protocol types, etc., for processing in the DSC. The sensor cleans traffic by discarding packets and forwards them to the VM-Series virtual firewall. Depending on the runtime environment, the sensor’s location and firewalls, packets can be routed over Layer 2 or Layer 3 links. The DSC utilizes ML models to detect DDoS attacks and generate appropriate attack signatures to mitigate them. Read more about Allot 5G NetProtect

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