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Microsoft Azure

Cloud solutions for operators

Microsoft’s cloud solutions for operators can help deploy, secure, and monetize network services across Microsoft Azure and other platforms in a multi-cloud environment. The cloud can provide huge amounts of Compute resources, be accessed from anywhere, and can store extensive volumes of data, delivering operational efficiencies to businesses across every industry.

Microsoft has launched a strategy to partner with network operators to create new opportunities and provide core infrastructure, combining the power of cloud and edge for low latency, broad reach and service intelligence. Microsoft’s work with operators, enterprises, and government is critical in delivering experiences that previously would have been unimaginable, and breakthroughs that would have been impossible.

Allot and Microsoft have worked closely since 2021 as partners, to provide flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to operators wishing to utilize cloud-based networks to serve their consumer and SMB customers. Allot HomeSecure and BusinessSecure are the verified cloud-native offerings currently available on the Azure platform.



Allot’s SMB and Home Security solutions on Microsoft Azure – The World’s Computer – are verified solutions, which have been certified by Microsoft and are fully operational within its Telecom customers’ Infrastructure, ensuring State-of-the-Art security, performance, and scale.

  • Azure for Telecoms is optimized to support the unique needs of the Global communications industry.
  • Microsoft’s approach is led by the following main principles:
  1. Bring about the strength and efficiency of the intelligent cloud and edge.
  2. Adopt a partner-based approach within a complete ecosystem.
  3. Minimize overheads, while enhancing revenue and establishing a network that is ready for the future.
  • Allot’s Telecom-grade security solutions on Azure, empower network operators to provide cybersecurity services to consumers and businesses.

Verified Microsoft Azure Solution



As IoT and connected devices proliferate, home networks become the foundation of the connected home. Yet they are increasingly more difficult to manage, and attacks are much more common. Allot HomeSecure guarantees a simple, reliable and secure network for the connected home. This is achieved through a small firmware agent, installed on the home router, that provides unprecedented visibility into the network and blocks external and internal attacks. Using Machine Learning technology and network visibility, Allot HomeSecure identifies all devices in your home network and applies a standard security policy for each device. Read More »



Allot BusinessSecure guarantees a simple, reliable and secure network for the connected business. This is achieved through a small firmware agent installed on the existing business router provided by the CSP, supported by the Allot Secure cloud in addition, a simple to use management and reporting interface for the SMB owner can be integrated into the CSP’s customer care app or offered as a separate web portal. Read More »

Microsoft Azure
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