Allot NetEnforcer Ensures Top Rated Experience for CRIF’s Web Customers

About CRIF

CRIF is currently the market leader in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main international players for business and commercial information as well as credit and marketing management services. CRIF has an international presence, operating over four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia). More than 3,100 banks and over 25,000 corporate clients all over the world use CRIF credit bureau solutions on a daily basis.

Customer Challenge

Priority #1 for CRIF’s IT department is to make sure that production services always have enough bandwidth and to avoid congestion that could interfere with Web service performance. Due to lack of visibility and inability to accurately forecast usage, CRIF was provisioning and paying for more Internet access than they really needed– erring on the safe side of having excess capacity rather than risk a bad customer experience. The company needed tools that would allow them to reduce costs by managing and optimizing this critical resource better. CRIF also wanted to find a comprehensive yet flexible and easy way to manage infrastructure operations. Providing secure Internet access to hundreds of employees requires accurate and real-time monitoring and troubleshooting tools. They tried using the perimeter firewall log and even router Netflow analytics to determine who and what was clogging up their Internet access and degrading their Web services. These methods proved cumbersome and rarely pinpointed the problem in time to address it. Moreover, IT staff could not get timely information to understand Internet access trends and to manage resource capacity accordingly. Today, CRIF in Italy provides most of their credit and business information services via the Internet. Ensuring an excellent customer experience every time is critical to their business and to the CRIF brand which enjoys global recognition and trust.

Allot Solution

IT solution provider and Allot channel partner, VEM Sistemi, recommended Allot solutions to manage and optimize CRIF’s Internet access resource. VEM Sistemi and its team of experts are known for their ability to tailor solutions that ensure business continuity and enable businesses to plan for the future. Using Allot DPI platforms with centralized management, VEM Sistemi demonstrated how CRIF could gain full visibility of applications and users, maintain a high level of performance, and guarantee the Web service experience for their customers and employees. The solution is distributed across two CRIF sites in Italy with Allot NetEnforcer AC-1440 platforms deployed at Internet access points and Allot NetXplorer centralized management deployed in the CRIF data center. Allot NetEnforcers monitor network application and user traffic in real-time and dynamically allocate Internet access resources based on usage policy that matches the company’s business priorities. From its central vantage point, Allot NetXplorer provides clear, real-time usage reports to help CRIF troubleshoot and pinpoint the root cause(s) of congestion conditions on the access network. Upon installation, CRIF IT staff immediately saw that the top bandwidth consumers were a variety of P2P, streaming and FTP applications, allowing them to set usage policy specifically for those applications.

“Allot solutions provide the visibility and control we need to ensure an excellent customer experience for every user of CRIF’s Web services.”

Paolo Marino

CRIF IT Manager


Guarantee the user experience of CRIF Web-based services without repeated IT investment in excess capacity for Internet access.


Allot service level assurance solutions give CRIF full visibility and flexible control of application and user traffic on Internet access resources.


  • Improve Web service delivery and customer experience
  • Reduce congestion on Internet access
  • Reduce troubleshoot time
  • Reduce Internet connectivity spend by 20%