Deploy Internet Security as a revenue generating service

Enhance your brand and generate recurring revenue by making your network the one-stop shop for anti-malware, anti-phishing, parental controls, URL filtering, and ad blocking services that protect consumers and businesses from malicious online threats. With Allot solutions, you can deliver network-based web security and privacy services that are simple, economical and accessible to any mobile device.

Gain customer trust by assuring personal privacy and security

Allot security services provide in-service notification and reporting that build trust and help you maximize customer engagement and retention. Subscribers receive timely notifications regarding specific security events as well as periodic reports detailing all the actions you have taken to secure them. Notifications are also used to push security tips and other useful information to subscribers, demonstrating over and over again the value of your security services to every customer.

Network-based Security Services

Leading CSPs deliver Allot security services to more than 15 million consumer and business customers worldwide.

  • Anti-Malware Spyware, phishing, trojans, and ransomware are among the many malware threats that Internet users face every day. Allot anti-malware protects against all kinds of online threats that can damage mobile devices and cause the loss of personal data. Powerful anti-virus and anti-phishing protection from Kaspersky Lab takes the worry out of engaging in online activity and transactions.
  • Parental Controls With Allot Parental Controls, your network can provide peace of mind to parents who are concerned about the online activities of their children and want to protect them from harmful and inappropriate content. Allot makes it easy and economical for parents to assure child-safe browsing by supervising the websites and content that their children can access, as well as the hours and amount of time they spend online.
  • Privacy Control Popup ads, animated gifs and banners often link to risky URLs and expose Internet users to viruses, phishing, and other malware. Allot’s Ads Free service maintains privacy by blocking ad insertions for subscribers at the network level.
  • Security as a Service for SMB Allot’s native muti-tenancy and scalability let you tap into the growing market for simple and economical web security services for small and medium business (SMB). Allot’s multiservice platform also provides Layer-7 application visibility and control which allows your business customers to enforce their own Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that regulates shadow IT, websites, and applications used by employees and guests on the company network.

Proven ROI

With network-based security services, onboarding is totally frictionless, making it easy to launch mass try and buy campaigns as well as opt-in and opt-out service rollouts. In networks where Allot security services were launched, service providers achieved penetration rates of more than 40% with proven ROI in 3-5 months.

Security revenue for CSP

  • Network-based VAS
  • Opt-in, opt-out, try & buy
  • Easy onboarding
  • Proven ROI in 3-5 months

Peace of mind for users

  • Safe
  • Simple
  • Accessible to any device
  • Easy to personalize

Flexible deployment

Allot network-based security services may be deployed within Allot’s multiservice platform or as a software-only solution, enabling both distributed and central cloud based architectures. Allot multi-tenancy scales to support millions of subscribers and integrates seamlessly with operator OSS and BSS systems to be fully aligned with your core business.

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