Stop DDoS Attacks Before They Stop Your Business

Complex and evolving DDoS attacks pose a constant threat to your business. Allot’s multilayer DDoS Protection keeps your network services up and running – even when under attack.

Assure service availability and performance even when under attack

Every day, Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) bots are finding more sophisticated ways to flood your network with large volumes of traffic that threaten network performance, uptime and integrity. Allot can help you establish a first line of defense against DDoS and Zero Day attacks. Allot multilayer DDoS Protection detects and mitigates even the biggest attacks within seconds, before they are able to disrupt or deny service to legitimate network users.

Keep IoT traffic under control

Not all threats are external. Bot-infected users may be the culprits behind network congestion and sluggish performance. IoT devices connected to your network often lack basic security features, making them easy targets for cybercriminals to exploit for large-scale DDoS attacks. Allot DDoS Protection monitors inbound and outbound flows, employing multiple network anomaly detection methods to identify attack traffic as well as device behavior that exceeds normal thresholds, so you can immediately isolate and block it.

Understand DDoS attacks and their targets in your network

With Allot you gain complete visibility of all traffic and the anomalies that threaten your network. Real-time alerts on behavior outliers help you identify and address potential incidents before they turn into real ones. Armed with accurate threat intelligence about attacks and their targets in your network, you can mount an effective and automated defense that assures service continuity of your network and hosted resources without over-blocking.

Real-time protection at scale

When it comes to stopping high-volume, multi-vector attacks, every second counts. Our inline DDoS Protection scales to Terabits/second, allowing you to detect and mitigate attacks on the spot – at Internet exchange and peering points – far away from your customers and without incurring delays caused by diverting massive volumes of traffic to cloud scrubbing centers. Allot’s first line of defense prevents firewalls, routers and other network elements from overload and debilitating crashes.

Dedicated ERT Service

Allot’s emergency response team (ERT) stands by 24X7 to help you respond to attack incidents and reassure you that no damage is done to your network and business. Our DDoS experts conduct attack investigation and forensics in real-time that enable effective counter response and configuration refinements to enhance your cyber defense and minimize any potential damage. Allot ERT also assists with end-to-end configuration reviews and on-demand security audits to make sure your network is prepared to stop the next Cyberattack.

Multiservice platform delivers more than just DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection is one of the many services powered by Allot Service Gateway, whose high performance and practically unlimited scalability is leveraged by service providers worldwide for service differentiation, revenue generation, and service protection.

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What our customers say

“Allot DDoS Protection saved our network from several huge DDoS attacks with ZERO false positives! “

Mobile Carrier CISO, Israel