Connected Home Security Services

Protect your customers’ connected home, IoT and user devices

With so many of today’s IoT devices having little or no built-in security, most consumers have neither the time nor the skills to deal with the complexities involved in securing them. They want someone else to do it for them. And they are ready to pay.

Existing security solution providers struggle to deal with the expanding attack surface in the mass market. As a Communications Service Providers (CSPs) you are in pole position to offer comprehensive Security as a Service (SECaaS) that protects the connected devices in your customer’s smart/connected home.

Why Allot?

By adopting Allot’s multi-layer approach, you can unify network-based security and CPE-based security into one seamless CSP branded security service that lets you:

  • Secure connected devices and computers in the home from malware and other forms of cyber-attack.
  • Identify different devices and enforce security policies that protect them with zero customer intervention
  • Allow customers to apply parental control over the content that their children access, as well as the time they spend online.
  • Respond to new malware outbreaks, spam and phishing attempts faster than any competing solution
  • Customize detection and protection levels, user notification and reports through a single, multi-tenant self-care interface


  • Generate 10 to 15% incremental revenue from residential security services
  • Scale your service to support millions of households
  • Differentiate your service for end users at home, at work, and on the go
  • Provide a seamless customer experience
  • Leave your customers confident that they have comprehensive protection for their entire connected or smart home

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Network-based Security Services for Mobile Customers

Introduction to Allot’s network-based security that protects and engages your customers and is fully aligned to mobile operators’ core business.

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This solution is powered by:

Allot Secure
Deliver a unified, CSP branded security service for IoT and user devices at home, at work and on the go.
Allot HomeSecure
Offer cybersecurity services that protect user and IoT devices in the connected home by leveraging existing CPE.
Allot NetworkSecure
Generate incremental security service revenue with network-based security services proven to achieve high adoption rates.

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Mobile security services powered by Allot have achieved up to 50% market penetration for operators who deploy them.


End-to-end security service that protects your customers wherever they are and however they access the Internet

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