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IoT Security Value Added Services

Security is the number one concern for Enterprises that want to deploy or extend their IoT networks. CSPs are ideally positioned to deliver network-based security services as additional assets to their connectivity services to increase IoT monetization and differentiate their offering for an additional competitive advantage. IoT Value Added Services can be provisioned by the operator, or through a customer self-care portal. IoT network-based Value Added Services are fully aligned with the operator’s expertise and core business.

Allot’s IoTSecure delivers carrier-class security, behavior analysis, and traffic intelligence and control. It enables your customers to configure the following services and features through a customer self-care portal.

IoT Security: A network-based security solution that protects against malware and botnets and enables remote remediation of suspect devices through smart quarantine that limits connectivity only to remote diagnostic and remediation systems.

Behavior Assurance: The ability for an enterprise to define policies that manage IoT deployments. This includes whitelisting of communications, protocols, and traffic patterns of IoT devices with their legitimate servers.

Behavior Profiling: An artificial intelligence approach to IoT analytics for detecting SIM misuse and data plan protection and identifying compromised or malfunctioning IoT devices.

The Benefits:

Service Differentiator: Introduces security as a differentiating competitive advantage.
Revenue Generator: IoTSecure can bring an additional 10-15% revenue on top of connectivity charges.
Use Case Agnostic: IoTSecure is applicable to any IoT service and is aligned with CSPs’ core business.

IoTSecure - Securing Enterprise Mobile IoT

Increase IoT connectivity revenue and differentiate your IoT services.

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Learn how to make your IoT operations more efficient, secure, and profitable with Allot IoTSecure.

Supporting Products

Allot Secure
Deliver a unified, CSP branded security service for IoT and user devices at home, at work and on the go.
Allot NetworkSecure
Generate incremental security service revenue with network-based security services proven to achieve high adoption rates.

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