Real-time DDoS Detection and Mitigation

Detection and surgical filtering of DDoS and bot traffic before it affects your network.

Detect and deflect the most menacing threats to your network and your users

Are your network infrastructure and service availability fully safeguarded from DDoS attacks? Can your network security handle the volume and ferocity of the latest wave of such attacks? Allot’s real-time DDoS detection and mitigation can assure protection for your network business, your services and your customers.


The bigger the threat, the stronger your defense

DDoS attacks pose some of the most serious threats to your network, your services, your customers and your business. These complex, constantly mutating attacks continue to become larger and more menacing. Numerous incidents have proven how damaging massive such attacks can be to major international. With the growth of IoT, the threat has increased, and incidents now involve botnets created by hundreds of thousands of infected devices that disable services for millions of users. To address this, you need a robust solution you can rely on, that can guarantee detection and elimination of these attackswithin seconds, before they are able to disrupt your network service. Allot is the only vendor that combines detection via DPI-based traffic management with behavior-based DDoS mitigation to create a powerful combination that thwarts even the most biggest attacks, and ensures network service continuity in the most severe conditions.


A comprehensive response to the most serious attacks

Allot employs multiple network anomaly detection methods to accurately identify DDoS traffic and ensure that no threat goes undetected. Filtering of DDoS attack packets and traffic shaping avoids over-blocking and allows legitimate traffic and critical protocols to flow unimpeded. Response to attack occurs in real time, with sub-minute detection and mitigation, and without diverting massive volumes of data to scrubbing centers, because every second counts when you’re under attack. As a result, critical traffic is uninterrupted and service continuity is assured. Allot also identifies anomalous outbound connection activity and malicious connection patterns because not all threats are external. Bot-infected IoT devices connected to your network may be the sources of disruption. Allot monitors outbound and inbound flows, to identify and quarantine harmful traffic that emanates from within your network, as well as device behavior that exceeds normal thresholds, so you can immediately isolate and block it.


Real time DDoS Detection and Mitigation with Allot DDoS Secure


Dedicated ERT Service

Allot’s emergency response team (ERT) stands by 24X7 to help you respond to attack incidents and ensure that no further damage is done to your network and business. Our DDoS experts conduct attack investigation and forensics in real-time that enable effective counter-measures and configuration refinements to enhance your cyber defense and minimize any potential damage. Allot ERT also assists with end-to-end configuration reviews and on-demand security audits to make sure your network is prepared to stop the next Cyberattack. Click on the following links to learn how the Allot ERT helped prepare and protect a European election against anticipated DDoS attacks and helped a Tier-1 APAC operator respond and defend itself against a DDoS attack originating in the operator's network.

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