Service Aware DDoS Mitigation

Detect and surgically filter DDoS and Bot traffic before it affects your network.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks pose some of the most serious threats to your network, your services, your customers and your business. With the growth of IoT, that threat has increased as botnets created by hundreds of thousands of infected devices can disable services for millions of users.

Stop DDoS attacks before they stop you!

Every second counts when you’re under attack. And so does maintaining your Quality of Service.

Allot’s Real-time DDoS Mitigation is the only solution that:

  • Thwarts both inbound and outbound attacks inline, within seconds, before they can disrupt your network service
  • Monitors 100% of network traffic to accurately foil attacks of any volume without impacting innocent bystanders
  • Uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically detect even unknown attacks
  • Combines DDoS mitigation with DPI-based traffic management to preserve legitimate traffic and maintain your service quality under the most severe conditions
  • Offers unrivalled scalability so you can mitigate even large terabit attacks from multiple vectors


  • Safeguard your network assets
  • Protect your service reputation
  • Save CAPEX by releasing misused bandwidth
  • Reduce OPEX by fully automating DDoS mitigation

Get Dedicated 24/7 Protection

Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) stands by 24/7 to provide an extra layer of support in response to attack attempts. After conducting real-time investigation and forensics, our DDoS experts apply effective counter-measures to further enhance your cyber-defense and minimize any potential damage to your business. We’ll assist you with end-to-end configuration reviews and on-demand security audits to ensure that your network is always ready to stop the next cyber-attack.

Examples of Allot ERT in Action:
Allot ERT helped prepare and protect a European election against anticipated DDoS attacks
Tier-1 APAC operator respond and defend itself against a DDoS attack originating in the operator's network.

Use Cases

  • Provide Bi-Directional DDoS Protection. Read More.

DDoS Mitigation in Action

  • Allot ERT helps prepare and protect a European election against anticipated DDoS attacks. Learn more.
  • Tier-1 APAC operator responds and defends itself against DDoS attack originating in the operator’s network. Learn more.

Learn More

  • Allot’s multi-layer DDoS Mitigation Solution protects your network better. Watch video
  • Frost & Sullivan Executive Brief: Service Provider Requirements for DDoS Mitigation. Read Brief.
  • Inline DDoS Mitigation versus Scrubbing Center Solutions. Read Solution Brief.
Secure your network

Allot’s multi-layer DDoS Mitigation Solution protects your network better.

Frost & Sullivan's Report

Service Provider Requirements for DDoS Mitigation - Protecting and Optimizing Networks for Modern Threats and Future Scale.

Solution Brief
Inline DDoS Protection vs. Scrubbing Center

The advantages & disadvantages of the two main architectural approaches to protecting your network from DDoS attacks.

This solution is powered by:

Service Gateway
Gain visibility and control to optimize your network, rapidly rollout revenue-generating services, and deliver a high QoE via a virtualized, scalable gateway.
DDoS Secure
Surgically mitigate both inbound and outbound volumetric DDoS attacks, while maintaining optimal QoE for applications and users.

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