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“Allot’s solution addressed our demand perfectly and we can clearly measure a 10% improvement in user experience since its implementation.”

Vladik Arshansky IT Infrastructure Manager, Mellanox Technologies


Assure performance of business-critical IP-based communications system to maximize efficiency and assure QoE.


Allot’s solution enables Mellanox Service Gateway to gain granular visibility and control of resource utilization and application performance across the entire network. Govern use of IP-based applications and assure QoE for users.


  • Full visibility of user and application behavior
  • Align application performance with business priorities
  • Improve application QoE
  • Enhance business productivity

Allot Boosts User Experience and Productivity for Mellanox


About Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ: MLNX) is a leading supplier of high performance end-to-end solutions that increase data center efficiency by delivering data faster to applications and unlocking system performance. Mellanox provides network and multicore processors, network adapters, switches, cables, software and silicon, that accelerate application runtime and maximize business results for a wide range of markets including high performance computing, enterprise data centers, Web 2.0, cloud, storage, network security, telecom and financial services. The company employs 2900 people worldwide.



Mellanox uses Skype for Business and other collaborative applications to meet its needs for flexible communication across timezones, available on a multitude of devices. This technology is an essential tool for the company. Senior management experienced videoconferencing problems arising from major congestion, such as freezing video, stalling audio and disconnections that could impair productivity. C-level executives urgently wanted to solve these problems and understand, classify and measure every IP-based application in order to:

  • Assure the performance of Mellanox’s critical IP- based enterprise communications system
  • Improve users’ quality of experience
  • Avoid any disruption of communication services
  • Improve network stability
  • Best allocate network resources to optimize functionality and efficiency and prevent anomalous and disruptive behavior

This had been a severe ongoing challenge for Mellanox, which other major vendors had been unable to solve with methods such as increasing capacity. Management was skeptical that Allot could succeed where others had been unsuccessful. Furthermore, a solution was required that could be implemented quickly and easily integrated with the pre-existing environment without disruption to other important network functions, and without the need to modify the customer’s current network IP structure. And, of course, the solution needed to be cost-effective.




Allot consulted with its top PS engineers and our partner, Oasis, to see how we could address this very specific challenge. Oasis is also a preferred system integrator for Mellanox: a perfect fit. So Allot was able to reassure the customer of our capabilities as we prepared a proof of concept (POC).
First, we identified and classified the specific issues and VoIP application that we needed to address and ensured that we could deliver a viable solution. We installed and implemented our solution that manages bandwidth, provides real-time analytics and traffic steering to help control bandwidth utilization and costs while ensuring Quality of Experience (QoE) for all network users.

Our solution has a policy enforcement capability that enabled Mellanox to proritize voice and video traffic and help enhance the planning and design of network infrastructure so that potential pain points such as periodic congestion could be more efficiently identified and comprehensively avoided in future.

All of this was achieved without degrading performance in any other part of the network, because Allot’s solution is deployed at the network’s core rather than on routers or firewalls, unlike other solutions, which can degrade the performance of these elements. As a pure network-based solution it is deployed in a single location and covers all users with no need to modify.

Vladik Arshansky, IT Infrastructure Manager at Mellanox, said: “Allot’s solution allowed us to differentiate between the network resources consumed by various groups in the organization, and the result was that the organizational communication system was functioning continuously, but we also achieved greater stability of the network resources consumed by other departments in the organization, such as research and development, and we are now able to assign network resources between different user groups much more effectively.”



Within the first 18 months of deploying Allot’s solution, Mellanox achieved a 10% improvement over the previous year in users’ QoE of its network and its VoIP communication applications. Mellanox is now able to:

  • Assure application performance and user QoE | View, manage and control application performance to maximize QoE for each of its user groups, particularly the business- critical VoIP applications, particularly Skype for
  • Reduce bandwidth costs | By prioritizing business critical applications and rate-limiting others, Mellanox can reduce bandwidth on its busiest WAN links, saving significant
  • Enhance and assure business productivity | Ability to optimize bandwidth use with no disruption from over- blocking, thereby assuring
  • Improve network efficiency | Helping Mellanox meet user expectations for service security, reliability and
  • Troubleshoot faster | Quickly identify and fix problems from a central console, before they detrimentally impact business productivity and quality of



With Allot’s solution, Mellanox can align network and application performance to their business priorities and assure the quality of experience of VoIP communications that their network users require. Allot’s accurate monitoring and control allows Mellanox to analyze traffic across its entire network and to control bandwidth consumption and performance on every link. Allot has become a trusted vendor of Mellanox and we continue to discuss how we can add value by providing enhanced network- based security at the heart of Mellanox’s network.



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