Allot NetworkSecure

Achieve over 50% customer adoption, generating incremental security service revenue of $1 per customer, per month. Allot NetworkSecure is the world’s largest deployed network-based security service for the mass market with over 20M paying security VAS customers.


Allot NetworkSecure enables service providers to protect the digital experience of both business and consumer customers by providing Security as a Service (SECaaS) to customers who are increasingly concerned about exposure to data theft, phishing attempts, ransomware and harmful or inappropriate content. Designed for service delivery Allot NetworkSecure presents an opportunity for service providers to generate incremental revenue and increase brand loyalty. Frictionless onboarding and built-in customer engagement tools enable informed mass activation for opt-in and opt-out try and buy campaigns that have achieved ~50% uptake in European Tier-1 operators yielding exceptionally high NPS.


Personal Security Services: Protect your users and boost your business


Deliver security services that include Anti-malware, anti-phishing, ads-free and parental control that can create tiered service offerings or a single holistic service. A true multi-tenant platform, Allot NetworkSecure provides each individual customer personal reports and real-time alerts, online activities of their children in easy-to-read graphs and simple configuration settings for security services and parental control. These have proven to establish ongoing perceived value and service stickiness.


Business Security Services: Flexible, multi-tenant platform, providing visibility, insight and security


Allot NetworkSecure provides a flexible platform that can grow with the needs of your business customers, as it has the capability to deliver Security as a Service to increasing numbers of users. Its multi-tenant architecture allows you to offer a predefined set of web security features for all users, that can be customized by the customer according to their unique needs for web filtering, mail security, and anti-malware settings. Furthermore, service providers can gain valuable intelligence on user profiles and online threats, as Allot’s solution gives complete visibility of network traffic and online user behavior, enabling operators to upsell additional services and refine data plans accordingly.


NetworkSecure can be deployed as standalone software, it can be deployed within an NFV architecture or for existing Service Gateway customers integrated within the SG Tera chassis. Network steering for opt-in traffic can be achieved either by the Service Gateway or any other form of traffic steering.


Allot NetworkSecure

Focusing on consumers

Allot NetworkSecure

Focusing on business

Additional Products

Allot Service Gateway

A unified framework for traffic visibility, usage analytics, policy enforcement and value-added service deployment across any access network, enabling control and optimization of the heaviest traffic loads and ensuring that networks keep pace with the growing demand for differentiated services and quality of experience.

Unified Management

Centralized network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting, to deliver network business intelligence essential for IP service optimization.

Allot DDoS Secure

Protecting data networks against the increasing scale and complexity of inbound and outbound cyberattack.

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