Allot Smart

Actionable Network Intelligence Empowers CSPs

Make smarter, automated decisions to optimize customer Quality of Experience (QoE)

In today’s challenging business environment, CSPs must use cost-effective measures to ensure the highest possible customer QoE. Allot Smart, powered by next-generation deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, generates insightful intelligence that empowers CSPs to optimize, innovate, and capitalize on every service opportunity. By analyzing every packet of network, user, application and security data, CSPs can truly see, control and secure their networks, optimizing performance, minimizing costs and maximizing end-user QoE.

Meet the Challenge with Allot Smart: Our Network Intelligence Solutions

Allot Smart’s solutions provide deep, granular visibility into both the subscriber and data planes. Advanced machine learning software analyzes and correlates this information to generate actionable intelligence that drives automated solutions for the following key domains:

  • Network VisibilitySmartVisibility provides actionable network intelligence to make informed business decisions
  • Traffic ManagementSmartTraffic QoE monitors and controls network traffic, within budget, to deliver optimal QoE
  • Policy & Charging ControlSmartPCC delivers and enforces innovative service plans across any platform
  • Regulatory Compliance - SmartRegulator meets regulatory requirements with flexibility and precision

Deliver Sustained QoE thru Inline, Insightful Intelligence

The Allot Smart suite of solutions is powered by the following underlying products:

  • Allot Service Gateway – Unified platform for traffic monitoring, QoS, charging, steering and value-added services
  • ClearSee – Real-time monitor/data analytics; presenting enriched application, subscriber, device, security and QoE data
  • NetXplorer - Centralized NMS for policy creation, traffic management, and platform and software configuration and maintenance
  • SMP – Subscriber Management Platform for user-level visibility, enabling policies to be deployed at the user level

Cutting Edge Technology

The Allot Smart solutions and products are fully NFV compliant, capable of running as software on standard COTS hardware or as virtual elements running in an operator private cloud. As CSPs travel the road from proprietary hardware through COTs, to telco clouds and all the way to advanced clouds, they can rest assured that Allot products and solutions are future proof for the same journey.


With a track record built on proven success with Tier-1 CPSs around the world, Allot Smart products enable CSPs to leverage their unique location at the crossroads of the connected world. Allot Smart extracts actionable intelligence from CSP networks, helping them deliver the best services at the highest quality of experience while they:

  • Save at least 10% of access bandwidth costs
  • Defer capacity expansion by 1-2 years
  • Cut OPEX through automation
  • Reduce revenue leakage by up to 15%

Machine Learning Powers Next Gen DPI


QoE Assurance in a 5G world

Additional Products

Allot Service Gateway
Gain visibility and control to optimize your network, rapidly rollout revenue-generating services, and deliver a high QoE via a virtualized, scalable gateway.
Allot ClearSee Analytics
Obtain actionable insights into network, applications and user activity to understand your customers better, prioritize and control the network and optimize QoE.
Allot Unified Management
Centrally manage network-wide policies, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting to optimize your IP services and QoE.

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