Providing visibility to enhance your business processes

The true business of your network is business processes. Bandwidth, throughput, latency and other common metrics are all aspects of evaluating how well your network supports your business processes. To truly understand how these processes are performing you need a solution that provides visibility into who and what is connected to your network, what applications are running on the network, what resources they are consuming and when. These are prerequisites to securing and controlling your IT assets, prioritizing applications, defining traffic management and acceptable use policies that meet your business goals and user expectations.

Analytics is about understanding the state of your network

Network analytics are also key to identifying nascent problems and the causes of congestion before they become a full blown crisis. Analytics empowers you to make fully informed decisions about future network investments. Allot network analytics provide real time and historical analysis per application, web site, user, endpoint, and quality of experience scoring with virtually unlimited data retention for historical trend analysis and regulatory compliance. Allot solutions help you collect data from across your network and analyze it, in order to:

  • Track resource utilization, top applications, top users, and other popular metrics
  • Track the performance of different applications for specific users and locations
  • Measure application performance and QoE over time
  • Automatically generate customized and insightful reports to relevant operational and business stakeholders

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Technology Perspective

DART is our superior brand of DPI technology. Embedded in our high-performance platforms, it provides granular visibility to manage bandwidth utilization and application performance. Read More »

Solution Brief

Visibility is essential to understand and control your network and achieve intelligent traffic management. Read More »

Success Story

“For the first time ever, we got a truly accurate view of application and user behavior on our LAN, WAN and Internet links.” Toufik Ouanaïm, IT France Manager at WFS

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